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Jackson: Is that a new camera?

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Or more appropriately ... Put That Phone Down and Pet me More! You've been away TOO Long!
This is my buddy Jackson from the lake. He looks like a cat but is really an elephant in disguise. I picked him up to put him out of my yard one day and it took him 3+ years to take treats from me again, or let me pet him! :)) He's a older guy at 12-14.
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  1. hadzi3:33
  2. kirikee3:47
  3. babray3:58
  4. thebetterhalf4:39
  5. Impie4:49
  6. DeDonder4:57
  7. walkingbarb505:00
  8. LMSmithcats5:03
  9. PKG15:31
  10. cbmuller5:57


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Impie, you have that exactly right. The kids next door were not happy and usually I do go out with T.R.E.A.T.S. as Jackson will usually turn them down from his mom. :)))


Hi there Jackson nice to meet you. I too think you're a handsome fella with tose lovely blue eyes.....I can but hope Betty won't forget T.R.E.A.T.S. next time she sees you again as I think you couldn't believe why she had to move away in the first place! ♡☺♡

Thank you Miss Pammi, Mom & Betty were talking tonight and I am 14 and maybe a little more. I love to hang outside and when Betty comes back I make the best of it! (She FORGOT my T.R.E.A.T.S. though!!!


Hi there, Jackson, you are my kind of kitty (actually all felines are my kind) looking very self-assured. I can almost hear you asking that question about the camera. It is lovely to meet you and I see by your face that you carry years of wisdom in that furry little head of yours. ♥♥♥

Lois, yes, his eyes are blue, his mom & I think he's gorgeous as well! Thanks!
Carrie, he is a handsome guy. 'Honery at times with a quiet almost silent "Meow" but usually gets things his way! Thanks!


Hi Jackson! You are a very handsome kitty!

Babray, He's absolutely gorgeous! Are his eyes blue?? Lois



Yes, the more I look at this picture the more, especially in the hear, I see that shape. Anne


There's some tiger in there somewhere I think :-))

He is a handsome boy, Sue. When they moved in he did things his way like making is big brother Rocky push the screen out so he could come in and out the window he wanted rather than walking around to a door! :)))
Anne, he is a wise old fellow and quite charmer. He usually gets his way. ♥♥♥


He is so handsome ♥


Oh, Jackson, you look very wise. It was smart of you to make up to babray so you could have treats and petting. Anne

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