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How thoughtful of you, I'd love some water

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Back from a trip. :)
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She has you well trained!! -- Carol


Our cat will not drink water out of a bowl. She has to have it in a cup !!!!



No, he just looks so far. Both cats have a toy box and he'll take something out of there, but so far, nothing out of my purse.............Wendy

Happy you enjoyed them, Molly. It is appreciated. :)

Does Scrappy just stick his face in the purse or does he haul things out, Wendy?


Love them all. Cats cannot keep their faces out of anything. I left my purse on the couch just a while ago, and it was open. Well, Scrappy could hardly wait to get up there and stick his face in the purse. Too funny.............Wendy

Glad to have you back and to hear that all is well. Good puzzles today. Thank you.----------Molly

LOL, priceless, Val. Would definitely be a surprise. :)

Interesting betterhalf and scanjockey. Never had a cat that preferred a glass - at least not one I knew about. :)

All is well, Carol. TY


Glad you're back, YO. I hope all is well. (:o}) -- Carol


They like a glass because it's always fresh, valt46. I put a fresh glass on the bedside table every night for me and one for Shadow. He only likes his blue glass. No problem. Vet says ok, it's not easy to get kitties to drink enough water, and very good for their kidneys to have extra. Shadow thinks it's special, win-win.

Both my daughters cats will only drink out of a glass.


Oh dear years ago I always slept with a glass of water by the bed, woke one night and watched one of our cats having a drink, (not sure how often he did it) so end of water in the bedroom☺

No a medical trip.


Oh. Sorry it wasn't a fun trip. :o(

Trip was fast - to Houston and back in 2 days. Do it every year and it is boring. :)


Welcome home, YO. How was the trip? You were missed!

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