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  1. monza0065:30
  2. askidmore16:32
  3. msss6:38
  4. cal1127:17
  5. yroets7:36
  6. w84itslywbt7:45
  7. nanita19817:58
  8. savana8:15
  9. Forwardcharm8:20
  10. arianus8:23


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Amy, how badly does your rheumatoid arthritis affect your hand? I'm amazed that you continue to solve puzzles. I know that both Edie and Mandy experience wrist we're all nuts. Jigidi really needs a group along the lines of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

I'm glad you've got enough puzzles to keep you busy. I have enough non-puzzles (puzzles that I need to create) that I'll be busy too.

I hope my hand feels better too. Some days it's not that bad. I hope your arthritis disappears. ;-)


That is fine! I was happy to have this one and the other Spring colored one. I am so far behind on puzzles, I have plenty to keep be busy for a while.

I sure hope your hand feels better. I am so sorry to hear it is bothering you.


Amy, I'm so pleased to hear that, but alas, I only made one puzzle for today and it's not a flower. My hand is killing me.


I always love your flowers, Wendy. They have a way of always cheering me up!


Thanks so much, Judy. I LOVE flowers and they always make me happy. :-)

You're very welcome, Mandy. Spring is just around the corner. It's just finding the corner that's been a problem. LOL


Lovely determined flowers - and a lovely reminder that despite the icy ground life will be stirring just below the surface, and will one day soon break through in glorious colour!! Thanks Wendy :~))


Wendy, this is the puzzle I told you I was eager to solve. It was worth the wait! I love flowers and have included them in a lot of my puzzles over the last couple of months. They always make me smile. I do believe this is what you do superbly, so keep designing and creating. Great fun for us all. :-))




LOLOL! I don't know what else to say, Pat. I burst out laughing when I read your comment? Well, that's what I did. :-)


Beautiful flowers! I like the way they have minds of their own and a steely determination, bursting past the borders and using arrow-shaft stems to break through the icy ground! :-)))

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