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13 Facts That Prove American Wildlife Is Out-Of-This-World Bizarre - squirrels

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Oh NO, Vlad, someone in the Squirrel Mafia has broken rank and the gig is up. Here the witches had everyone convinced it was squirrels causing all the problems out there. Best send this chatterbox out to fetch acorns across the road.
My power company is safe, so far. The only time I have blackouts is long periods of cloudy days and overuse of power from the batteries.


LOL!!! to all of you!



They work on and under cars too. We have a car in repair at this time.


Fiona, is this another of your food pictures? Doesn't look nearly as appetizing as your others...


This may be a Kamikaze squirrel rather than a Ninja squirrel.


Vlad the Impaler!!!! Watch out for those pine needles everyone!! dj


I don't think this is Sven. I think this one's name is Vlad.


Animal sabotage and guerilla warfare is a real thing.


I had a lot of acorn woodpeckers were I used to live. They would fill the boxes on the phone lines with acorns. Every time it rained it would destroy my land line reception.
Like it was made out of sugar.


Sounds like squirrel abuse.


They get on top of the transformer boxes and trip the ground cable.
Usually it fries the culprit. We've managed to torch 4 of the critters so far this year.

You don't have any squirrels that you know of. Ninja squirrels are quite difficult to see.


We don’t have squirrels in Straya, but we do have blackouts.


They work for the squirrel mafia. :-)))


Sven? . . . Is that you, Sven?

Doing ninja-y things even when it's down-time.

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