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In my new place, I had these annoying thorny bushes growing from the garage door to the front porch, interfering with the opening of the garage screen door, catching your ankles along the sidewalk, and growing up under the siding. I was contemplating just digging them out, but then a week or so ago, I discovered why they were there. They started showing little orange globes, which turned into these spectacular orange flowers.

So what are they? I was thinking barberry, but I don't remember such profuse flowers (or orange), and I seem to recall barberry grows higher.

Looks like I'll have to keep them, but transplant them into a more controllable location.
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They describe quince as a shrub, and say Hollandia grows to 5.5' high and 6-7' wide; they even recommend it as a "secure" border because of the thorns. My plants are woody, but they are only about 18" high. However, the flowers and other descriptions do seem appropriate.

Some comments do seem to suggest it's a climber.


Chaenomeles superba 'Hollandia'


Looks like Jacki's (bluebird42) quince. But I really don't know. Pretty though. Thanks, Don.


I does look like quince, and some of them can be quite aggressive. You don't want them near the house.


Rehek says it's quince.


Je to kdoulovec (Chaenomeles)

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