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Please, tell us where we are!! - Ehhh, here - I think!!

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They ran!! No, you didn't miss anything - they just ended here!! Thanks so very much dear!!


Did I miss something? how did they get from the canyon to the gnomes?.....


Thanks whatnauts it gives me some comfort!!


It's not so bad Hanne. It's like those old time daily radio soaps that were told 15 minutes at a time.


Thanks so very much Lela - you are right!!

Mimi, actually it's an awful way of telling a story, but I do hope that the pictures give a lot to look at really!! And yes! Patience is a deed!! - even if it's hard. Thanks so very much for yours (patience).


This is a wonderful adventure and good for us all too as we have to develop patience, not an easy virtue to acquire!


Hee-Hee!....Yes, the gnomes know all they need to know.........(Very observant, Robertus, about the 'fingers').......Thanks Hanne & Bent!


Ohhhh, Robbie!!! You ARE bright!! They DO follow that trail - but what happens then??? You are NOT right - the gnomes know exactly where they live - "here"! Of course, where else?? Thanks so very much dear friend!!

And you are right Jan!! It's a VERY good idea walking through that cavesystem. Thanks, we have picked it for some other time. But right now we don't go underground - and yes, you'll have to wait!! Thanks so very much dear!!


Who knows? Maybe they will even have to backtrack and go through the gnome doors into an underground cave system to find the true way to the top! We'll only know by waiting patiently for the story to unfold! sigh......
Thanks, Hanne! :)


I think all is ok Hanne. Big man Goldy is wasting his breath, the Gnomes don't have a clue where THEY live, let alone giving directions to others! I think mini Goldy found the answer and medi Goldy and Unicorn agree......See the white hand with the finger pointing in the right direction? Just near the right hand top corner? Then look to your left in the middle top.......There is an arrow pointing down to the trail!! Well those are my clues anyway, we will have to see what you and Bent have in store for us, thanks Hanne.


You are right, Sandy, it looks so! - and then the rocks underneath is the house it belongs to!!


If it only was that easy!! They are not able to see the mountain from where they are now - so they have to do something!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


A walk up the mountain that had seemed so easy and promising, suddenly has turned into an adventure. After escaping the terrible giant our little people and the unicorn find themselve in a part of the forest they have never seen before. And as none of them speaks the gnome language they don't know how to ask where they are. It seems that they are lost and the only way to find the godess to ask her for a gift for the unicorn is to just go on walking up the mountain until they reach the top. :))

Thanks for this wonderful adventure. :))


Thanks Hanne. It almost looks like a sort of chimney.


I'm afraid they don't know it, sandhill25252. Thanks so very much for your comment!

It's a rock with thick moss on it, Sandy, and it is to be found way up in Dalarna in Sweden in a very wild place called Fulubaagen. Thanks so very much!!


The story is fun, but I am wondering what the object in the photo is that the golden boy near the top is standing on?

the gnome's should show them the right direction


I have an idea that he asks, "Here, yes, but where is "here""? Don't you think so? Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I'm sure that clarified it for them. I see the doors into the gnome's houses under the ground. Great picture. I only hope they get turned in the right direction. Thanks, Hanne and Bent.

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