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Ox Head Beer - Lilek #625

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  1. Dclo1:45
  2. randlindsly1:50
  3. Tex_puzz2:19
  4. caniplaytoo2:26
  5. Mixalis2:32
  6. Allanb2:43
  7. Rex2:57
  8. dw79033:07
  9. Parks_dean3:25
  10. wildwing3:38


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I hope you put some of the money into bitcoin or ethereum...
just in case the present fiat currency world banking system collapses.



Mixed bag in the US as to ring pull...

Each can auctioned off separately can collectors never collect unopened cans....the beer leaks through and destroys the thing you're collecting...the can. If we ever come across one, we empty it. So no, it detracts from its value if anything.

Put the collection together myself....started collecting 40+ years ago.

Just a hobby, but was aware of the value, and that's why I sold it. Too many fires blowing through here, and earthquakes and virus and crashing stock markets....just wanted to put that value into the bank instead of on the shelf. Besides, I had reached the limit of what I was going to do with it and I got bored. I couldn't add any better cans, because I had most of the super rare stuff....and the collection got stale for me. BUT, everybody else was excited to see me break it up, as they had their eye on many of my cans for many years!



I've just had a look at the auction results...
i. Congratulations. You did very well out of it!
ii. They auctioned off each can separately???
iii. Were any of them still unopened? Would that add anything to their value?
iv. Did you put the collection together yourself?
v. Over what period of time?
vi. Was it just a hobby thing, or were you aware of the value you were amassing?

I've used the "church key" in the past but I suppose now their need has been completely surpassed by ring-pull cans? I rarely drink soft drink at all. On the also rare occasion that I drink beer, I prefer it out of a bottle. Notwithstanding, I can't remember the last time I had to use a "church key".

In Australia a lot of our canned food now comes with a ring-pull. So we were very surprised while visiting Canada a couple of years ago to discover that ring-pull food cans DIDN'T EXIST and we had to buy an old-fashioned tin opener!

Is it the same story in the US?



Auctioned off the entire collection off a couple years back....pocketed about a quarter million. You can see the auction results here....couple cans almost broke $10,000. Plus you can drill down on the individual cans and see what an opening instruction looks like:


Fascinating piece of historic trivia... the sort of discovery, decades later, that makes life so interesting.
What will you do with the collection eventually?
Does it have a monetary value?



Just a collector....all 1930s cans....what are called "opening instruction" cans. When they first invented the beer can, nobody had drunk liquid from a can before, so they had to invent the can opener/church key. But nobody had seen that either, so they had to provide instructions on all these cans on how to use a churchkey.


TEN PAGES of old beer cans!
What sort of a pisspot are you?
Did you drink them all yourself? ;D


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