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Sicilian (Italiano) Sandwich from Tiny Grocer deli in Austin, Texas

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The Tiny Grocer online menu describes it as: hoagie, capacola, salami, mortadella, provolone, red onion, calabrian chili.

The shredded iceberg must be old af, or maybe it's under a yellow heat lamp. The rest of it sounds good, with the provolone melted to perfection, if also to liquefaction.

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Posted on Reddit by 4dgt90, who writes, "The Calabrian chili paste they put on was the real kicker. Probably my favorite Italian in Austin."

A Commenter complained about the slicing of the meat, "Look how thin that is, see that's all surface area. The taste has nowhere to hide."

OP replied: "There's really more than you can see here. As I've matured, I'm not a size queen anymore. Hate it when you get a high quality sando but a ridiculous mountain of meat. Need a nice even bite. ... The meat goes all the way around. Hard to tell but there's at least 6-7 slices and melted provolone underneath the meat. Really not that much lettuce.
Shredded lettuce does a good job preventing the liquids from soaking the bread. It's functional more than flavorful."

[MISCHKA HERE: That never, ever occurred to me. Learn something new every day.]

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Got you bamboozled!!!! hee hee!


@Donnajames, you are as tactful as an ambassador! :-)


I don't think the lettuce has wilted...I believe it is probably the Italian dressing they put on (not mentioned, but any decent Italian sammie must have Italian dressing). This does look fantastic. Yum. :-)) dj


I love cold cuts from Italy!


I can't eat ham, it's either too salty or too sweet, and I wonder whether the smokiness of provolone would be enough to counteract that. Personally, I'd load on twice as much Swiss as ham, though another cheese that could stand up to it would be, of course, cheddar, preferably white.

Of course, cheddar is salty, too. Ham and Swiss is classic for a reason.

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