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Peach Tea Cake ..for Warbler ( recipe included)

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120gm/4oz butter – softened
1 cup castor/fine sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups self raising flour
½ cup milk
3 or 4 peaches (depends on size) peeled, cored & sliced
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1. Heat oven to 180C – 350F and grease & line a 20cm – 8” cake tin.
2. Combine softened butter, castor sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, sifted SR flour and milk in mixing bowl & beat for 3 minutes.
3. Spread ½ the mixture in base of tin and chop most of the peach slices into chunks – leaving approx 8 for decorating the top of the mixture.
4. Top the mixture with the chopped peaches & sprinkle with brown sugar & cinnamon.
5. Spread the remaining cake mixture evenly over the chopped peaches and decorate the top with the peach slices.
6. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes.
7. Allow cake to stand in tin for a few minutes before turning out and then dust top with Icing/confectioners sugar.
8. ENJOY!!!!
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Thanks robyan for recipe ... Looks and sounds delicious,,


We all might too:))) You can never have too much nice cake!! Thanks Laura!!


In that case, I may end up with two pieces. He he he


Help yourself Laura - it's a magical self-renewing Jigidi cake:))) Dave might have some for you soon though :)))) He's gonna make it!!!!


Mmmmm...I bet there's none left. Sorry it took me so long to solve this puzzle, Robyn. I am way behind. Sigh.


That's interesting about not having 'self-raising flour' Florrie - but I'm so pleased you made the cake:)))))) I guess you could use nectarines or plums too!! And - when stone fruits aren't in season you can use well-drained tinned fruit - although I haven't tried that!!! Thanks Florrie!

You can use more peach slices on top if you wish Don - it just depends how many peaches you want to use, and how big they are. I tend to use thinner slices on top if I use more - so it doesn't weigh the cake top layer down too much! Good luck experimenting with the recipe:)))


By the way, you say to save 8 slices for decorating the top of the cake, but I see about 18 used for that...?


Thanks Beekay - & it tastes that way too:))))

Sorry about that Don - I thought I'd made the recipe fool-proof, and didn't realise you called it 'self-rising flour' in the US!!! But - you can use 'self-rising flour'!!! Thanks - and I hope you enjoy the end result!!


I was stymied by "self raising" flour ("self-rising" here in the States) - so I looked it up. It's just conventional all-purpose flour with baking soda added. From PastryWiz:

For 1 cup self-rising flour use:

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt.

So now I have a recipe I can use! :-) Or substitute Bisquick, which is what we used to use over layers of fruit to make "upside-down" cake.


It looks delish rob :-))


Thanks Janet - please help yourself to a slice or two - it's a magical Jigidi cake that never runs out :))))

Thanks Lorna - it's a vey easy recipe to make, so I hope you enjoy it :)))

Hi jlou - castor sugar is just a finer form of the usual granular sugar & you could swap it without any problems! Thanks - I'm in Brisbane Australia - and I hope you have a good weekend too!!

I'm looking forward to the photo Dave - hope it works out for you! Thanks:)))))))

My recipe didn't have a photo Morris - so I lifted one off the internet - but my Mum had knives like that too! Thanks!!

Thanks for your explanation helenp - I tried to make sure I'd covered all the different terminology - but there's always the chance that someone isn't familiar with our description!!

Thanks snooker - hope it turns out OK - well, better than OK :)))))

Thanks Suzy:))) LOL!! - I forgot about your FUZZ aversion:))))) Dip them in boiling water briefly & not only does it make the fuzz less 'fuzzy', but the skins slip off easily!!!


Recipe printed.
Jim will have to do the peach part....they have FUZZ you know!

Printed out the recipe and will try it soon. Look wonderful. Thanks. :)


jlou, castor sugar is basically granulated sugar finely ground. You can make it in your food processor but it can scratch it. I think it is used because it blends more evenly through the mix.


Looks good, Rob!

Funny, i have a set of knives like the one in the picture.


Soon as I'm back home... Got the fresh peaches and castor sugar, too. Sunday. Maybe I'll take everything with me tomorrow and make it for a snack after fireworks. But I'll get a photo.


Hello! rob,
Thanks for the recipe. I have never heard of castor sugar,
I wonder if it would make a difference if I used granulated,
couldn't hurt. I am always improvising when baking, haven't
had a problem. Have a good safe weekend wherever you are.


Ooh, that looks wonderful Rob! Your recipe will be even more widely travelled now!


Yes I'll have a slice too please, Rob. Looks delicious. Do you think there will be any left for Warbs when he comes by! LOL. Thanks and hugs, janet


LOL!! Thanks Francamia:)) He volunteered to make it:)))


You're spoilt Warbler, it looks so yummy..................Thanks for posting Robyn......


Are you hungry yet Cathy? LOL!!! Thanks:))


That looks wonderful !!!! Thank you Rob for the picture and the recipe. : )


LOL!! It's hard to refuse when it's warm from the oven Barb - so help yourself to another slice:))))

Go for it chookie!!! I used to make it when it was my turn to take a cake after our tennis night years ago - & the recipe travelled far & wide:))) It was always popular - and it's dead easy to make!! I actually found it in an Aust Women's Weekly magazine dated March 27th 1974 - so it's an oldie but a goody!!!! Thanks!!

He actually offered to make a cake if I supplied the recipe Shirley - on his post of yesterday's peaches!! We'll have to keep him to his word:))) Thanks!!

Help yourself Floyd - it's a winner!! Thanks!!

Cake for breakfast Ank? Why not:))))) I hope you enjoy it:))) Thanks!!


Yummy, almost time for breakfast, I think I take some of this☺☺☺


Yummy!! I'll have some.
Thanks Rob.


I think Dave will have to bake one for himself, this one will be gone before he get here, Yummy Rob, Thanks Rob, and Thanks for the recipe too.


Looks yummy, Rob! I could eat all the rest of this cake....LOL
Then you would have to bake another one...Thanks Rob!


Help yourself vfdl47 :))))

Dave asked for a recipe Lyndee - & offered to make one if I supplied the recipe:)))) I'm sure he'll share it around:)))


I'm sure Warbler won't care If I have a little piece!!!!!


Yummy!!! And the recipe to boot! {:>D

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