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A close up of BoBo in his favorite spot on his tower and his eyes are saying “That’s close enough” in the last picture❣️
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Patsy, I know humans acting like your Ebony 😂😂…true and strange❣️

Thanks for telling us some of Bobo's story again. You two have had a special relationship from the very beginning.
Too bad Bobo still doesn't trust your husband. One of our cats (Ebony) will cuddle with me in bed and lets me pet him briefly on the sofa, but otherwise won't let me touch him. He's very closely bonded with my partner.


Janet, yes he is my baby someone threw over the brick wall and he wasn’t able or rather didn’t know how to drink and I had to give him fluid with an eye dropper for the first couple of days and I guess from that moment I became his mom..every morning he sits by my head and waits for me to wake up so he can suck on my nighty and knead on my body…He has done that for 10 years..and it’s our moment of cuddling 😺Hugs my friend❣️🤗❣️


BoBo says “Thank You, Peggy!”❣️


Dobra, You said it 😺 He is so very sweet and I am the only one on this earth he trusts besides Luke..He knows my hubby and loves him to give him rubby dubs (moving his hand up and down the cats body while both of them are on the floor), but other than that he hisses at him and is very alert about hubby’s movements where he doesn’t mind whatever I’m doing❣️🤗❣️


Val, I have to say both BoBo and I are lucky and he is so happy having his own towers to climb and lay on..At the moment he is laying on the shelf watching the birds😺 Hugs my friend❣️🤗❣️


Jill, I’ve noticed that too…my little Findus😺 I’ve spent the weekend afternoons getting Findus collages ready and soon the series will come to an end, hopefully Christmas Eve❣️😊❣️


Patsy, BoBo likes his towers and it’s fun to watch him jump between the two..His back legs have some tough springs😊


Ardy, BoBo loves to be up high more so than Luke and BoBo likes to jump between the two towers..BoBo we’re just curious about the iPad being so close to him .. Thanks Ardy..Hugs to you my friend ❣️🤗❣️


Rjay27, You are most welcome and Thank You❣️


How sweet he is thanks Eva, with hugs. ♥♥


Nice tree, Bobo! And thanks for the closeup!


He's a sweet boy - and he trusts you! 😺 😘


BoBo has a great place to climb up too Eva, he is one lucky puss Hugs dear Friend 💖💖


Boba has some expressions as cute as Findus. Thanks Eva

Not only does he like to be up high, but Bobo has some nice places to get up there.


Not sure what BoBo is trying to tell you, Eva. LOL Most cats love being up high. Thanks for the fun shots. Have a great day. Hugs dear friend💖💖


Meow, meow, Bobo! Thanks for the puzzle.

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