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  1. Jhonda16:50
  2. novaguy200219:43
  3. RW22Falcon21:16
  4. FiXiT22:00
  5. smexa4424:03
  6. Sojourner925:14
  7. feldy25:27
  8. Perculator26:53
  9. Createdin6328:34
  10. viuser28:44


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ha! you should :)


I think I'll do more reading


lol thank you rurot :)


actually sandy the puzzles i think might offend people i do mark as innapropriate, i dont seeanything wrong with this, children see vampires in cartoons and comics. am so sick of judgemental and small minded people on this site. the world would be a sad little place if everybody had the same likes and tastes. usually if i see a puzzle i dont like the look of i scroll past it but thanks for your time!

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