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Polar Bears! Write a Caption Below.

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  1. jangel1:17
  2. smpuzzler1:24
  3. davis1:36
  4. manuela91:38
  5. loveydear1:38
  6. like921151:39
  7. debdaz1:45
  8. jcturn1:53
  9. bugmom1:57
  10. 08292:00


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look we're supposed to be doing a Strathspey, you're doing an Eightsome Reel


Hi troubleatmill, perfect


Again - you crack me up!! Very funny! And since so many of you thought of dancing, I hope you went to the link suggested by Trouble and Frog. (below)


I think this is a reasonably close translation puzzlejac . . . "And we are cool guys . . . "


En datte we toffe jongens zijn ...................
Sorry I can't translate, it's an old Dutch song.


Hand jive, hand jive, doin' the crazy hand jive!!!

From "The "King and I": Shall we dance?

Hi Five


"I'm the baddest bear in the neighborhood." "No, way, I am." "Oh yeah punk, prove it, make my day."


Bear 1: "Areyou kidding me?"
Bear 2: "Seriously, I saw her myself - that bikini was WAAAY too small!"

I can't hear you - please speak louder.


"You put your right leg in, your right leg out, you do the hokey-cokey and you turn around..."

Please don't let that be a song only known this side of the pond! :-)


I can't think of a caption but I think they went to Germany for their holidays . . .


Hal!!! Haven't seen you since that seal party on Baffin Island!!


"No, Mildred... I TOLD you, lead with your left foot first. Got it? I'm tired of you treading on my toes!"

Let's get Jiggy wit it! :)

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