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Sketchbook Diary of a WWII Soldier – 4

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"Victor Lundy, who is now 95 years old, donated eight of his personal sketchbooks from WWII to the Library of Congress in 2009. Thanks to his donation, we are able to see Lundy's visual documentation of his personal experiences as a 21-year-old at war. The vivid imagery featured in his sketchbooks create a feeling that you're stepping back in time as you read the captions and dates explaining each of the drawings. The scenes range anywhere from air raids, to troop trains, to a game of craps for cigarettes. Lundy's drawings were done between May and November of 1944 and take us from his training in Fort Jackson, all the way to the front lines in France. These visual diaries are truly a beautiful gift to the world, and proof that when you're doing what you're passionate about, not even a war can bring you to a halt!"

Courtesy of Doodlers Anonymous

Thanks to Bommom for telling me about this series.
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I couldn't agree more, Gayle. Thanks to you for telling me about them.


Moving! Thanks, Bill.


You're most welcome, Marilee. I wish now I had sought out more portraits than Doodlers Anonymous had on display, but by then I already had a dozen puzzles queued up and decided that was enough.


Thank you for posting these wonderful sketches on Memorial weekend, Bill. Such a talent to portray complex nuances of emotion in the day-to-day lives of WWII soldiers. I find them intense and full of pathos.


Nice thoughts, PatMac. Thanks for sharing them.

Thanks for including one of the portraits, Bill. I love portrait drawings.
"What ever happened to ____?" That's exactly what I thought as I browsed through that whole collection at the link. In June '44, this group wasn't overseas yet, but once they were, I daresay we can guess the fates of some----all too many....
But now how wonderful for all their families---and maybe for those few of them still living---to perhaps be able to catch these glimpses of them(selves) as they were then: young, vibrant, handsome...whole. Very poignant.


Yes, thanks, ginkgo. That's where the image copyright link goes.

There are a large number of these sketches at:


Thanks for your comment, Cyndi.


Awesome sketchbook drawings. I, too, wonder what happened to Ted Lynn.


He's certainly not thinking good thoughts.


Yes, it is, Plum. Makes one wonder what became of Ted Lynn.


This very young soldier's barely suppressed terror is beautifully rendered here.

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