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Tic-Tac-Toes--Your Move

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  1. Ribs0:59
  2. Cootje601:04
  3. jessicaarial1:09
  4. Ianto1:10
  5. caanan1:10
  6. lelabugosi1:12
  7. Dilubreuer1:14
  8. DebbieQuilts1:19
  9. suemarie1:21
  10. Judwi1:21


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Thanks, Jan. I'd be interested!



Thanks for explanation, suemarie - interesting! :-)) I like your pale grey choice, but I'd been thinking of the bright green or the gold.


Oh, dear, I was just having a bit of fun with Jumble, because her message appeared right after some heated arguments she, I, and several others were having on another person's puzzle, and I knew that she was just trying to mimic what I had said there. I figured that it would be in character (for the way she criticized me for being) if I took her question VERY seriously and gave as detailed an answer as possible.....

Sorry about that, gogogo! The only suggestion I have is to use a color that isn't already in a box touching the one empty one, and also not in that row or column, sort of like Sudoku. Pale grey would work..... LOL!


suemarie, I enjoyed working this puzzle & have read your explanation below, but haven't a clue what color that next move should be! LOL Is this solvable for those of us who are clever enough (probably not me - lol), or is guessing all we can really do?




No, it didn't help, but don't explain again as I have completely lost interest.




I see that you copied the title--well, at least part of it, anyway--correctly, so I assume that, since you were observant enough to notice that it was "toes", not "toe", you were also therefore clever enough to figure out that the use of a plural where it normally isn't placed had to have a reason behind it. The word "toes" was plural because it was intended to convey that this was not an ordinary game of tic-tac-toe, but a special one with a board that had more than the usual number of "toes", or spaces, as this does. Just the way Spock and Kirk, in Star Trek, played chess with several layers of boards, so this game has a more complicated board composed of several normal tic-tac-toe boards placed together, and with several players, not just two, who are represented by the different colors you can see in the squares. And the rest of the title, which you failed to include, but which is vital to "understanding this", which you say you don't, indicates that the solver, the newest player, has the next and final turn, as represented by the one open space in the lower right corner.

I hope that this explanation is clear enough for you to comprehend. If you need further explication, I'll be glad to go into it in more detail. Thank you so much for your interest. :-)))


I don't understand this, what has it got to do with Tic-Tac-Toes?

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