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Bird's Eye Chilli flowering.

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...and a couple of ants! In the back garden.
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Thanks Kirsten:))


It's great to see you Rob! I left a comment for you over on my puzzle too. (•‿•)


I'm back :)))) Sorry to worry you Kirsten - I've had a nasty cold, and been feeling blah! I've just come from seeing the flower kaleido that you created & it's fantastic!!!! I've left a comment there!!!
Thanks for caring - but I'm back in the land of the living now:))))

Hi Jacques - nice to see you back solving !!! Thanks!


Jeez Rob! You know how to worry a gal..............




Still checking in. Getting a little concerned now.......


Hi Rob, I've been checking in every day since Sunday, and see you haven't been here. I hope all is well with you. (•‿•)


What a delightful little flower, Thanks, Rob.


Here's a link to the littlie! I hope you like it. (•‿•)


hello Rob


Hi Rob! This is a lovely picture, and inspired me to have a play with my kaleidoscope maker and your wonderful flower macro photos. I had a ball, and have some terrific kaleidos now. I am going to post a collage of them tonight - a pastel one. A kaleido from this image is in there too. And I'll make a bright collage sometime soon. Thanks for letting me play with them. I really love the results. I hope you do too. (•‿•)


Thanks Sandy!!

This chilli bush is a couple of years old Dave - and is quite hot!! It always has a good crop, even though I don't give it any special attention!! I was surprised by the grey and white centre of the flower - I've never noticed it before; that's what Jigidi does to you - makes you more observant :))))

Sounds good to me snooker - I like variety:))) Thanks!!

Charlie is making chili right now but it won't be very hot and spicy - not fond of the hot stuff.
This is a wonderful flower.


What a wonderful photo, Robyn! I too like spicy food and am looking forward to hearing if it came up tasting like its parent.


This is a very pretty flower robyn.


Thanks Barb - I'll have to check the recipes out :))))


I love spicy, hot foods too, Rob. Living near Mexican border, we eat Mexican hot food very often....and for me, the hotter, the better, to a point. If I cook, I also make my food spicy hot. I really want to succeed with those ghost peppers so thank you for good wishes :)))) Should you be interested in making jelly from your hot peppers, there are recipes on the net :)


Hi Barb - yes, it's definitely edible and hot, and I usually dry & crush the crop and regularly use it in curries & stir fries!! It came up all by itself - probably spread by the birds!! I think they're immune to the capsaicum!!! It's only about 1" long.
I've never heard of the ghost pepper - or people making jelly from peppers - sounds interesting!! Here's hoping you succeed!! Thanks!

Thanks Janet - we love our spicy food - & we've been known to get chilli-withdrawal when on holidays :)))) Have to have a regular fix!!!!


That's OK Janet, if I don't have to share ghost pepper jelly with you, there will be more left for me.......LOL I just love it!


Interesting Rob, a cute puzzle. I do not eat hot food, so I would not be eating any of this and I would not be sharing your ghost pepper jelly, Barb. LOL. Cheers, janet ♥


Is this an edible pepper, Rob? If so, is it mild or hot? Pretty flower for sure and unmistakable nightshade family... LOL
A week ago I got some seeds of a very hot pepper called ghost pepper. I planted them but so far no germination. My friends in Canada and in Florida are growing them since last year and they sent me few jars of ghost pepper jelly....deliciously hot! I wanted to try them, just to see if they will grow for me in the desert.

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