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Homes Change Personalities with Owners

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I owned this house. Picture of when I lived there. See next puzzle of house gone up for sale today.
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  1. Ammerlaender1:16
  2. dartagnan1:22
  3. yarnover1:25
  4. Impie1:28
  5. mefmouse1:31
  6. yuilld1:35
  7. Kevin11:37
  8. rahas1:38
  9. Carol661:39
  10. Cosmogirl1:45


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Oh yeah, I know just what you mean! Hubby and I remodeled a house, and somehow missed connections. I didn't get the larger bathroom I wanted. Oh well, what's done is done. I was just glad that we HAD a bathroom! LOL
Dusty : D


Thanks DD! I liked the house. I learned when you have a home built it is too bad you cannot live in it for 6 months and go back and do a few changes.......i.e., darn, we should have put a window there and extended that wall 2 feet! LOL


I think I like this one much better! It just seems so inviting!
Dusty : )


Thank you Valerie! Jaklien, in the Fall after the berries had ripened and started to rot the birds
would feast on them...........unfortunately, it resulted in VERY drunk birds. :(


I think it was much more attractive and well cared for when you had it.-Valerie


We call it Pyracantha or Vuurdoorn/fireball with very prickly branches, but oh so colorful!


Jaklien and Impie, I agree, everyone has different tastes! The Pryocanthia (sp?) was an ongoing project for almost 7 years. I found it therapeutic to get my clippers and "clip away", enjoy the sea air and contemplate life! The vine did get me a nasty scratch or two every now and then. :( :)


The red house looks much warmer and well cared for and the garden looks more pleasant.
Tastes differ everywhere in the world.


Whilst you lived there, the colours made your house more "homey" (is that a right expression?) and I like it. The new owners obviously didn't like your special plant and although I'd chosen a different colour, it does have 'something'..... But, it goes to show, everybody has a different taste but it doesn't necessarily mean ours is better! ☺♥☺

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