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117 pieces
79 solves
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Working late. Creating a puzzle on the iPad.
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  1. prussian9:53
  2. Magnus10:02
  3. wjwhit11:15
  4. tonij12:11
  5. nanapatsy12:31
  6. RobMuijt13:03
  7. Mikado13:16
  8. Peanuts113:17
  9. vbondonis13:55
  10. Lollykoko14:15


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Although published a few moons ago ... I just found this picture and I enjoyed putting it to puzzle.
Thank you Magnus. Bev. 2-22-16...9:01 a.m.


Good going, Magnus! (•‿•)


I'll be on the look out!! Right now, I have to dash off and make (then eat) dinner! It's 6:30 pm here on Friday night. I guess it's Friday morning there in Copenhagen, and maybe you are thinking about breakfast instead! LOL Oh, well. Off I go. I'll check back here in about an hour, and see if I see you on the leader board, below Jim and above prussian. (~‿•)

Jigidi staff

Haha, I'm not sure I could. Have to try now...


LOL Magnus! Why don't you show me how? I don't see you on the leader board! LOL!!

But seriously, I could (maybe) solve a 117 piece kaleido in 8 minutes! Or some other symmetrical design. But I'm HOPELESS with photos!! (•‿•)

Jigidi staff

You can do it! It only takes 8 minutes ;-)


Too many pieces for me! But nice to see you, Magnus! (•‿•)

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