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Yesterday in our birdbath...

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...we ound a big piece of white bread
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  1. toocold5:22
  2. rosa20115:30
  3. johnbois18:23
  4. Edith149:14
  5. jhiers9:48
  6. ruby1811:49
  7. killiney16:24


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love this....crows are so smart..,he did it on purpose and then came back when it was “moist” enough...great catch, maegi!!!! A wonderful bird bath, by the way!!! We have a heater for our which helps the birds in winter to find water even during a freeze!!


Hello all, thank you for the friendly comments. The piece of bread was brought by a big crow who dropped it in the water - and one hour later it was away. The crow Comes back now every day and drop some things (little bones for example) in my birdbath, which was a birthday gift from my friend Anita two years ago. I've Chosen this one because of the Yin Yang Symbol. And the crow must be a thief!


Hi maegi. I love the Yin Yang Symbol in your bird bath. It instantly puts me in mind of how much I used to enjoy doing Tai Chi. Since we moved house two and a half years ago, I have not found anywhere that's convenient locally. Maybe a bird came down for a drink and dropped the piece of bread while he did so and could not be bothered to pick it up again. ☺☺☺

Maybe a neighbour wanted to feed the birds while they had a bath.

By the way, I think your birdbath is marvellous!


An enthusiastic bird must have dropped it! I found a huge cod one day in my garden! Am fairly near the coast, so the same applies, I would think.

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