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Dotted Out Up Close and Personal

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  1. monza0069:15
  2. mags1799:35
  3. lanny9:52
  4. Dobrich9:57
  5. msss10:00
  6. Jandy10:48
  7. matyi10:50
  8. lowalk11:18
  9. newportbeach8811:26
  10. madera11:28


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Thank you very much, Robyn. :-)


Fun puzzle, thanks, Wendy. :))


Oh, that's an interesting thought, Mandy. Now I wish I had a pair of your glasses. LOL!


Wonderful!! I wonder what it would look like through my pinhole glasses??? LOL!!


Yes, Ms. whatnauts, you should have, but you didn't.

LOLOL, Pat! OK, you're making fun of me. I meant that Ms. whatnauts, should use dishwashing detergent that will get her glasses spot free. BAD Pat! LOL


My detergent is certainly spot-free--it's nice and clear--but the dishes still have spots! They have to make a product that is for spot-free DISHES. After all, who cares if the detergent is spotty?.......LOL!


Drat, I should have thought of that!


whatnauts, yes! You need to put your eyeglasses in the dishwasher and use spot-free detergent.


Most enjoyable. Can you think of any reason I'm seeing spots???? LOL


Gwen, for me, the hard part is picking out colors that will 'work' together. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

jojoson, I've only recently started using any textures. I plan on making a bunch of my own but haven't gotten around to it yet. Well, I have created some but I need to experiment a lot more.
Thanks so much for dropping by again and letting me know what you think. :-)

chilisand, I'm always glad that you have fun. :-)


This was great fun, thank you!

what I love about your puzzles is not just the colors but the textures. I feel like I could touch them.Thanks much!


This was fun! It looks like it was complicated to make. Thank you for putting it together for us to solve.

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