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A Birthday Surprise (Ex. Small)

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©2020 Kyrin Original Image
This is a revised version of the E-card I made for a lovely on-line friend for her birthday in October 2020. This has a flowering garden (from a friend's front yard), a dwarf Azalia bush (from a cemetery) and a few LED butterflies (from a novelty indoor lighting set; also used in some other pictures).

I confirm that I made this digital art creation from my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.

This puzzle can be searched under ABirthdaySurprise or A_Birthday_Surprise

Available sizes: 12, 63, 154, 266, 374 & 588
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Awesome! Thank you so much :-D


Kyrin, how fun! I love this one!


Yep, got it, thanks mate :)


Just tagged you again, Christine.
If it still doesn't come through, go to her profile and find it. Right now (0518 GMT Sat Dec 12) it's on the top row of her 3rd page of puzzles.


Oh! That's so funny Rob, and very sweet , thank you both xoxo
About that tag, Rob - there's nothing showing up in my notifications. Would you mind checking it again please?
Many thanks my friend xo


Look, right up there just below Leo... that star is Christine.


Their speed is shown very well as she is angled the same as her unicorn.
Good one Christine, you're a Star (Ꙭ)


I just tagged you on it (posted by reflexlady). I think you'll like it.


It probably was mine, especially if it had tiny purple and white flowers everywhere, because I used my User pic as the puzzle ;-)


I saw a puzzle on Friday titled Moonlight Magic, and thought of you.

Good to know you're well too! The day when the whole world has settled down again, can't come soon enough. ☆♡☆


Oh good :-D
I had thought you were a bit busy - you've sort of been quiet here, too. I'm not sure if you've seen my 'new' Fb page for Moonlit Magic? If so, then there's been a few additions in recent weeks :)

Good to know you are well xoxo


I saw it 3 days ago, Christine. Don't have an answer to your tech question, but it's good that you can ask.

Haven't had time for FB for a month. That is easing up now. Early on Monday, your time, you will see why...


Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh I wish! ;-)

So good to hear from you again my friend. I sent you a fb pm a little while back, but I guess you mustn't have been on there lately :)


Huh. Impressive.
Can you do that for old people too? Add more flesh and hair, I mean.


Aww fanks. It's amazing the difference a background makes, huh?
My main reason for this design came own to giving us big-jigsaw players an easier scene! The former image of the ferns was frustratingly difficult to piece in the 300+ sizes, so I simply had to bring in the butterflies, and then, well... one thing led to another and um... ahh... you see the result ;-)
In time, however, this unicorn and fairy will undergo a more realistic change (so she looks less model and actual 'flesh and hair' etc.)


OMG. Christine, you've taken this to a whole new level, without going over the top. Congratulations!!

[Now all we have to do is hope the unicorn isn't heading right into the azaleas! ;-) ]


Aww so pleased you're liking this one - makes my day to hear your thoughts XOXOXO


Lovely. Tks for tagging me.


Nice Blend, thanks for tagging me.

Wonderful! Amazing how different you can make it even though it is the same unicorn and fairy. So much detail! Thanks for the tag!


And this is the re-make, or second 'version', as I intend to make-over the fairy and unicorn into a whole new scene someday :)
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