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Karen, Lady of the Lake-Jeannie, Stac

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Singing at the Shingle Shack last night with two of my good friends. Good enough to take on the road!
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Suzy! We did! They are a couple of good friends of mine, and we sing well together.


What a trio you make! Looks like you're having a great time at the Shingle Shack!


Thank you Nicci, I can't remember the last time the sky turned that dark in the middle of the afternoon like that! It was concerning... I posted photos on facebook of the evening. It was fun. Thanks.


Looks like you're having a great time with your pals there! Glad you escaped the bad storm.


Hi yellowgal. I have their golden hits CD. But the 3 of us singing there, blend really well. It was a great time. I don't always get to sing that much at my gigs, so that was fun. And the Lake may never be the same. LOL!
Tornadoes can get pretty wicked around here. It 's ok here.

Hadn't thought about that song for years; there was a time we owned all of the ABBA much fun to sing along, aren't they?! So glad to hear that you escaped the tornado damage, what a terrible thing. Looks like you 3 dames are too much-for-the-beach (or should I say the lake), what a great time !!!!!


Hi Snooker, we were singing ABBA, "Super Trouper". :)

Morris I love that song, I'll have to add that to my list, thanks! "What's Up"?

Hi Jack, so nice to see you!!!!!! We could use a name....The 3 Degrees.......that would be cold, warm and hot.....ok.....I get to be hot then! :)


The 3 Degrees???

Could very well be, morris. :)


I think that they were doing "whats up" by 2 non blonds and a blond,. snook!

What song were you singing in this photo. Jeannie? :)


Thanks Morris, glad you are ok too. For karaoke, the house rocked, I played an hour over.

JM, I was lucky, a lot of wind here, and man it got black out! I haven't been out today to check out the area. I'll get out later. Thanks for asking.


Good pic, any trees down at your place?


Looks like a great time was had by all. Glad to hear that you came through the storm OK.

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