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Close-up of the Red GumTree flowers .....

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.....over the street. The Rainbow Lorikeets and Noisy Miners love sipping the nectar from them.
This shows them as buds - which then drop their little white caps off - to reveal the tightly formed petals - then they sproing open!!! They've been in flower for a couple of weeks now.
I think they look a bit like soft coral!!

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks Dave - glad you liked this one:))))


Indeed they do look like happy coral. I think there are a couple of buds just opening over on the right side. Its beautiful!!!


Thanks Kirsten, Patti and smllpkg - I'm pleased you liked them too:))))


Beautiful! They do remind me of something that grows under water. Coral or maybe sea anemones.


These are uniquely beautiful! I don't believe I've ever seen these before. Thanks for posting them!


A great photo of our beautiful native trees, Rob! Thank you! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks Shirley:)))
I'm pleased you got your USB cord:)))
I got a new Toshiba laptop from Santa & mine has the SD card slot too - so I won't have to use my USB reader now!!! At the moment I'm still getting everything settled into the new laptop:)))))It's the small changes that drive you mad!!!!
I hope the new camera is giving you some joy:)))))


Oh yes I love our Aussie Red flowering Gum trees, and as you say the birds love them too, beautiful, Rob, Thank you.
I picked up a USB cord for my camera today, I've discovered I can put the card into my Laptop and download pictures but need the cord for the desktop computer, I did see the USB2.0 UDMA reader you mentioned, I may pick up one another day, Thanks for this info, Rob.


I guess so Nev! This one is only about 2.5 metres tall and a bit messy and rangy, but sooo pretty:))) Thanks :))))

Thanks Janet - I'm surprised at how this lot of flowers has lasted:))))

Thanks Lunie - I'd be surprised if you have them as they are an Australian native gum tree:)))) Happy New Year to you, Didie and the family:))))


Rob, I agree that they look like a soft coral including the color. Very beautiful flowers, they seem so soft and probably are....LOL Great photo Rob, thanks :)


Happy Holidays Rob!
These are nice flowers, wonder what we call this tree around here...


A beautiful photo thanks Rob. My Red Flowering Gum is quiet right now. It will probably need a lot more rain to flower again now. This one is stunning. Hugs my friend ♥


When you walk beneath a tree in full flower, you can generally hear the hum, of the bees. ♥♥♥

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