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Homemade Patterns, a Real Hodge Podge

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I was spending time playing with making my own patterns, so I can save them for future fills. This one has no theme, but it was fun combining shapes to form new designs. Time consuming, but I loved doing it. As usual, hope you have fun!


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Thanks Wendy. It was time consuming since I was trying to make new patterns to save in the draw program. Thought it would be nice to share them right away. It is soooo good hearing from you again!


Judy, I forgot to mention this puzzle, Judy! I think this is TERRIFIC too. ;-)


Kirten, you're just a child! Edie, tell her in case she doesn't check back. Also tell her to check re. her other comment.


You're a pair of cheeky ones, Edie and Judy!! I'll have you know that I'm not a day over 80! LOL

Nah, seriously, I'm 51. But if you were judging me on my mental age/maturity, I'm about 7. LOLOL


Judy, thanks so much for your encouragement and prayers - they are really appreciated. How exciting that you've got an official doodling pen!!


Mandy, I know working has its advantages, and I would choose to teach math again if given the choice. I know you must be thankful the job exists, since it is needed. You are missed by me, but I will cherish all that you make and/or say. I know you will find ways to fight the frustration. :-)))

I should find the tutorial and let you watch it. He talks as fast as a race car driver drives, and the video is really short. I wish I had the ability to slo-mo it, but alas my brain must speed up. I don't know if my 20-yr-old brain could manage it. Maybe I should ask a six yr old. They can do it better than me, I'm sure! I read the manual, and the difficult concepts were covered in a paragraph with a couple of diagrams that just confused me more. I have a template with curves that I'm trying to "trace" on a different layer. It's like climbing Mt. Everest. Good thing I'm on oxygen or I'd pass out from the difficulty. LOL. I promise I'll keep trying.

I also got an official doodling pen and love it! Now I'm watching tutorials for that too. Luckily I understand most of them--I think many of the serious doodlers are in my age bracket and probably couldn't talk fast anyway. Now they do speed up the video when there is a lot of repetition.

Thanks for staying in touch, and I wish you well. I'll be praying that before too long you won't need the income from work.


Judy - I love seeing what you're doing, but frustrated that now I'm working I can't spend as long solving puzzles as I would like!! I'm sure you'll master the pen tool eventually, keep re-running those tutorials and one day it will all come together and you'll get what it's saying.


Whatnauts, you have a sharp eye to notice I used them in the balloon puzzle. I guess they're kinda obvious. I wasn't finished with making the patterns, but I couldn't wait, so I made a puzzle where they could be used. Lots of fun knowing they are mine. In previous puzzles, I've often made my own patterns but didn't save them as fills, so no repeats. This time that won't happen, and I look forward to making more. I'm learning a few shortcuts to lessen the time element. Now I'm trying to learn the "pen tool" the hardest one to master, but supposedly the most powerful. I don't understand it at all, so wish me luck. Last night was a disaster and the tutorials are not helpful--they only run a couple minutes and are faster than the speed of light, or so it seems. I'm not giving up, but I can only take so much frustration at one sitting. Be good and think Spring. :-))


Jo, your time beat mine; sorry you missed the board. However I'm glad every second was fun. Thanks for your very kind remark and glad I included some peach just for you. It sure is nice when I see you've left a comment, so please don't stop...unless you lose interest, which I'll try very hard not to let happen. :-))


Kirsten, I agree with Edie; you're in remarkable shape for your age. :-)) I was stumped by the remark for a minute, and laughed when I realized what you meant. At 92, you deserve a throne for all that you do! Thanks so much for the lovely and well-timed comment. I appreciate it more than you know. You're great.


Edie, thanks for the vote of confidence. I've made some designs in previous puzzles but didn't make them as permanent fills. It sure is nice to add to my collection instead. I did use a few of these in the balloon puzzle--had to try them out. I want to keep making more, so you may see more pattern puzzles from time to time. Thanks for being there to encourage my somewhat timid remarks. Oh human behavior, so mysterious and unpredictable. Now, let's get this party started!!!! LOL


Barb, I think the best thing you said was that I make you smile, even if it may be short-lived. We all need joy in our lives. Thanks for the support and pep talk. I think I get nervous when I do something new; it's like stepping off a cliff when I post. Luckily I have you guys as a safety net! You've been very kind, and I thank you once again for your nice (actually wonderful) remarks. :-))


Gail, I don't want to assume I have a following; perhaps I'd get all stuck up and be horrible to be around. LOL You are really good to me, and I really thank you for such a wonderful, uplifting comment. I feel like celebrating! I surely do hope you feel better, the cat has been seen by the vet, and your tires have a bit of life still in them. Life sure gives us a lot of lemons. I do believe you can overcome and enjoy puzzling again. Let's pray for that! Thanks friend.


Sally, so glad to get your input and really enjoyed hearing whick are your favorites. I do believe all these wonderful comments keep me really excited about about wanting to make more puzzles. I do apologize to all of you for not solving as many of your puzzles; I've been running on limited energey--need to get a new battery...I wish! Anyway, I feel amazed by your kind comment, because I didn't feel these patterns, though homemade, necessarily complimented each other in one puzzle. I just was impatient, so I put them that way. Thanks for making my day. I got a slow start today, but I go some sleep. Yeah. You always know what to say to brighten my day!


Wow, Judy, these are great. I recognize some of them from the recent balloons puzzle, but at the time I had no idea the patterns were made by you. And, although it was a time consuming process, just think how proud you (and we puzzlers) will be every time you use them.


Wow Kirsten, I had no idea you were that old, getting on well for someone your age. LOL


I'm 99th in solving, and I did it in 3:22 of pure fun !! I love the peachy colors in this one!! Thanks! :)


I'm 92, and I love it too Judy. We ALWAYS love your designs. Thanks so much for making them. :)))


Love the patterns, keep on making them. You know they're popular when there's only 16 seconds between first and tenth on the leaderboard. Thanks Judy


Judy, I'm the 78th person to solve this puzzle, and there are even more solving the larger size, so please know that lots of people like your patterns. I love the way you experiment and try new things all the time. You've provided us with loads of fun, smiles and happy faces, thank you. :-)


"I am so very happy at least one person likes my patterns."
ONE person? Judy, you have an ardent following, don't you know that? I love your puzzles, 3D, flat, borders, no borders, colorful, muted colors, it doesn't matter. Sign me, A Fan!


Love hodge podge... Your patterns are really, really good... I especially like the stars and stripes and the yellow/gold and green lattice... And the wiggly lines in the middle... Pretty clever making them yourself... I see you added 3D borders, couldn't help yourself, could you.... :) :) So pleased you're feeling better and having some fun... It's easy to get lost in the creative process and before you know it several hours have gone by... Very satisfying... When your creation turns out as flash as this, even more satisfying... Thank you, dear friend... Keep 'em coming.... :) :)


Dear Leet, I am so very happy at least one person likes my patterns. There is an endless amount of variations I would guess, so making something no one else has done in exactly the same way is a good feeling. It was work, but certain kinds of work are fulfilling, challenging and just plain fun. that's how I feel when making something for the first time, and when solving someone else's unique design. Sorry if I overhsared, but I'm happy. Thank you!

Loved your patterns...they are beautiful. Thanks for your work on this puzzle.