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Cargill Grain Elevator

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Cargill AgHorizons, Meredosia Grain Elevator Dock is a port facility located in Illinois. It serves the Illinois River waterway. The facility specializes in the shipment of grain. It has a berthing distance of 440 meters, which is 25.7% longer than the average for all port facilities, wharfs and docks.


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I can't imagine anything so horrible for the farmers than a fire in the grain bins.


Great grains. Just think of all the corn flakes they can make. Nice on LJ.


Great photo again lauraj have seen these many times and is great to watch one load a ship


Thank you, LJ. I once saw a grain elevator on fire. That's very difficult to put out. I felt so bad.


We can hope the farmers will have a better year and that the grain elevators will be busy this year.


Interesting thanks Laura...

Thanks laurajane for the interesting info - we dont grow much grain in my part of the US so its interesting to know about how it gets shipped around.