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Rainbow Lorikeet into the Jacaranda flowers.

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Taken this afternoon in the back yard.


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Thanks Shirley!!


Lorikeets do love those flowers, Thanks, Rob.


Thanks Sandy!

Thanks snooker!!

They're wild birds Laura - but next door's have bird feeders and they come for that regularly, so we see them nearly every day!! Thanks!

Thanks Ami - no matter how often I see the Lorikeets I always marvel at them!!

Thanks Dave!

LOL!! OR-stralia Trish :))) Gotta get the Strine pronunciation spot-on!!! Thanks - it's good to see you!!!


Thanks Ms Robyn! You live in the most beautiful place on earth! Stralia!


Thats a beautiful blend of colors, Robyn! Thanks. Lucky you.


It must be quite a sight to see the incredible beauty of the tree and the added beauty of the bird! Nice photo and thank you for sharing it with us!


Those lorikeets just fly around free there, Robyn? I mean, it wasn't somebody's pet?

Really like these tress also.


Oh how pretty robyn.


Hi Francamia - thanks for commenting. Where abouts do you live? I noticed the interesting puzzles you've posted!


LOL!! No way Deborah - it's pretty dry as we need lots of soaking rain! Our lawn is more brown than green and most of the plants are small as we ripped out 20 years of mess last winter and all the new plants are just settling in!! The Jacaranda reaches out over nearly half the yard - so we're a bit limited in what to plant under it!! Thanks anyway :)))


Great photo .....Thanks


I repeat must have the most beautiful yard I've ever seen! Thanks so much, Rob! :)))


Thanks Barb - we have the Lorikeets here all year round!


I had fun trying to get a non-blurred shot Beekay - it's been gusty all morning!!! I think I only deleted about 10 shots :)))) There was two of them, but they wouldn't cooperate and hang still for long!! Thanks!


I love the Jacaranda trees! So beautiful, Robyn :) Lorikeets are great too!


Well, look at him hanging upside down there! What a riot of color you have here Robyn and the co-operation of a blue sky too! Thanks!