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Neon Star Swirl

54 pieces
56 solves
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Thanks whatnauts. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


This was fun. Thanks much :))


You're so welcome Rosie. I see you made it on the board. Good for you!


Damn, I love your puzzles even if I'm a day late. Thanks for these really entertaining and fun puzzles. Keep them coming. Rosie


Thank you so much and you are right - the uncertainty was really the worst part! I'll keep up with you, Pat and John - the amount of time I spend actually solving will probably start to diminish soon, but not today or tomorrow:-)))


I am so happy to hear that Kathy. I wish you the best and I hope the transition is an easy one. I am sure it must be somewhat of a relief just to have a game plan starting to come to life. I do hope this won't keep you from jigidi too much. We would surely miss you around here. : )


Today is my day for your puzzles, Aishah! I must be getting settled in with my decision and my way forward! I have confirmed my decision to move back to Alabama, and will live with my sis and her husband while I get re-oriented! I'm going to help her with her photography, from business angle - she is a true artist with her camera! I will pursue teaching and likely the PhD, and it will be a big help to have the security of their home to get those new initiatives going! I'm going to make the move pretty quickly, as I have been preparing for it, and actually have been close to doing it a few times. Just a few logistical details to work out!