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Who Knew???

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The national flag of Canada was proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to take effect on February 15, 1965. The anniversary of this date is officially called the "National Flag of Canada Day", which is often shortened to "Flag Day". On this day in 1965 the red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and indeed, hundreds of communities across Canada.

The inspiration for a red and white flag came from Dr. George Stanley, Dean of Arts at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. The red - white - red pattern bore a strong sense of Canadian history: the combination had been used as early as 1899 on the General Service Medal issued by Queen Victoria.


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Thanks Rosie, it seems Canadians don't give their special day much attention, so it's good that we can. I'm pleased you saw the link with this week's theme :~)


Thanks whatnauts, I was surprised that it's not celebrated in Canada - maybe in 2015, when it's 50 years, they'll "flag" it with greater importance.... groan!


Happy Flag Day to my northern neighbors---a little late---but heartfelt all the same. This one is really great with all of the red and white and the jacket is especially festive. And you got this weeks theme in too. Good puzzle fixings for us to solve and learn from. Thanks.


This is great, monza. I had no idea it was Flag Day. They don't make a big deal of it here, as tigress mentioned. I love the clock and jacket - definitely something Don Cherry would wear!!


Thanks Edie, how amazing that you have a Scottish Fold! Someone else wondered if it was a Don Cherry jacket... I've no idea! Thanks for stopping and leaving an interesting comment :~)


Thanks for this delightful puzzle. I remember as a child that there was a competition to design the new flag and pictures of the finalist were posted in the Telegram. (long gone now newspaper). As kids in school we were encouraged to participate in this competition. Love the little Scottish Fold. I have one of those and Dave I do believe I have seen Don Cherry wearing that very jacket.


Thanks Katie, I hoped they were!


Another good day for a celebration! You've really chosen wonderful images to highlight Canada and their flag. Thanks Mandy!


Thanks Pat, Ardy, Wendy, PJ and Magda... I really appreciate your visits :~)


Oh, thank you. I wonder if my daughter, who is a Canadian, knows that. Will let he know. Lovely puzzle though.


Mandy - thank you for an interesting, beautiful and well composed puzzle. I love your mix of serious and humorous images :-)


Mandy, usually when that happens (when the puzzles don't upload immediately), it's only for a second or two, but this one was stubborn. Ms. whatnauts needs to be informed that you posted this...although she'll probably see it without any prompting.
I'm chuckling at your "Nice to see you, BTW." You are one very silly lady. ;-)


Wonderful, Mandy. A delightful tribute. You are also providing wonderful information. Thank you. I really appreciate your creativity and your research skills. Have to check this out each morning.


Great puzzle today .. Happy Flag Day to my neighbors up north....


How weird Wendy, other people are seeing it, so I don't know why you had a problem... I had a similar problem with a puzzle yesterday, it would start to load and then get stuck, so maybe there are problems on the main system? Nice to see you, BTW :~)


Thanks davehenry - lovely to see you visit today. I don't know who made the jacket... but I thought it was very cool... and very Canadian :~)


Thanks Lucy, nice to see you this morning


Mandy, when I went to click on this, it stayed STUCK (the image didn't show up), so I took a screenshot just now. It lasted for about a minute without opening.


The bottom right corner looks like a Don Cherry jacket!


Very interesting facts aabout my neighbors.... thanks so much for the info. lucy


I thought you were looking at it in a mirror Barb!! :~)


I can't tell right from left, Mandy ... I'm sure you realized I meant bottom left corner for Toronto. :-)))


Thanks and you're so welcome Barb - it was news to me when I researched it, I hadn't realised you didn't have our own flag until so recently! I'm glad I managed to include a pic of your city!


Ooh, thank you so much for this puzzle, Mandy - I'm feeling very proud! I knew it was 1965 when our present flag came into being but didn't know it was February 15 as we don't celebrate it as a holiday. By the way, the bottom right corner is my city of Toronto with the CN Tower looming very tall. :-)