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Look what treasures we've found!!

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Hi Hanne, good to see all are happy and ready for a celebration I think! Guernsey is a lovely Island, 1/3 larger than Bermuda with same population. There were some very nice coves like this one around. Thanks to you and Bent.


I'm very glad you think so, PG, but still there is something to be done!! Thanks so very much!!


It was worth the trip Hanne.


So they are!! - they hadn't many chances to help the boys inside the caves!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!

Oh, no, they are great and dear friends!! It IS a wonderful place, somewhere on Guernsey I think!! Thanks so very much Patricia!!


Oh, I do hope the golden boy is not going to use that "steering wheel" shield against the unicorn. After all, he did destroy that greenish squishy monster with the shield!
What a lovely little bay. The water looks great for a swim.


Pegasus and Unisus are dancing a dance of joy since they are so happy to be reunited with their friends.


He is to be seen - rather small - in the moss on the rockside, gerdje!!

Yes , Elfie, I saw some green things yesterday , but they did not really remember me on my favorit
greeny so for me he was allready in the treasure! thanks that you likes my vision.


Well, gerdje, I like your vision very much!! It would be nice to see it again. By the way - did you see it in the entrance yesterday?? Thanks so very much!!

Everything looks so peaceful and so " normal ". ! Tooo normal for me : so, I am waiting on the moment they open the treasure.....yeah!!! the nice green goast ( who was NOT eaten by the
monster ) comes out....that is my vision.


Exactly Lela, rather boring indeed!! Thanks so very much!!

WEEELLLL, in the cave we saw that there was some jewelry, so I wonder if there is more of the stuff!! But we'll find out! Thanks so very much Donna!


What could be in a chest with skull and crossbones on the lid? Hmmm. Thanks for the adventure, Hanne and Bent.


No more worries.....for now!.......


They carried out a lantern and a rope and now, what do they come back with??!! Impressing isn't it!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

They do, but now they will soon get rid of it!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


The two carrying the tresure chest sure look wore out and in need of a rest. Glad they made it out.


They all look real happy here. Thanks, Hanne &*Bent.