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This latchhook hangs on the archway between the living room and dining room just inside the front door.


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Thanks, Pat.


Beautiful ..!!!




Lovely Ardy, both


Francine, thanks so much for your wonderful comments. After the holidays I will be sharing them with the bell choir I have a small adult group that will be playing as part of the 11:15 service this Saturday. That will be live streamed and archived. I'm not sure exactly when we play. WE have a short number on our own and then are playing on one of the choir anthems. I'll actually be playing. It's our Christmas program so should have lots of music.


Ardy, thank you so much for informing us of your recent SAS Christmas concert, which I had problem accessing it until today. [internet!!] It was wonderful to see the younger generation reading sheet music and playing their bells. Quite enjoyed it. Also enjoyed the orchestra's versatility and skill afterwards. What really got to me, though, was the choir around the 47 minute section. I wanted to hug every single child. Ran out of time to watch/listen to more, but intend on doing so.

This is lovely latchhooking. Quite like your wreath too. Both very cheerful.


You are very welcome, Hanne.


And it certainly looks very pretty there!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Good morning, Jan. I don't know how big it appears to you but I measured it at 8 inches by 33 inches. (I think that's about 10 x 44 cm.) Thanks for coming by and for another star on the board.


Good Morning, Ardy,
Is it just the perspective of the photo, or is that latchhook as large as it appears? It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your home with us. The wreath is a very nice touch on the inside of the door, too.