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Starting to come back from the walking dead

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I think I'm starting to gain a little bit from the norovirus I was infected with. It's a very nasty bug, and I was in bed for eight days and the ER for one. I've only eaten half a cup of applesauce and some jello in eight days. Helluva way to lose weight... I'm just posting my puzzles and going off to bed again.


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Ah, I found the one about the potassium LOL Hope your blood work can resolve the problem. Just be sure to tell the doctor every symptom, even if you don't think they are connected. Might even want to have them check your Thyroid levels. I went back last week to have new blood work done and asked the nurse if we could use the left arm to draw it from as the right arm has been picked on so much lately LOL So the left arm got the stick that time. She was really good though and I barely felt it!!!! Some nurses just have that magic touch!!!!! I don't know what makes the difference? But when one does have that magic touch, they get lots of praise from me LOL I don't like needles and getting stuck. I use to pass out when I would get a shot but that has gotten better. Yep, I am a chicken at heart LOL My veins tend to roll when I have to have an IV, so after several horrible experiences, I now tell them before they stick for an IV, that they roll and that they only get one chance at getting it right. If they don't get it the first time, then someone else gets called in. Some nurses just have more experience when putting in an IV than others and I learned that the hard way.

Hope you had a good nurse to draw your blood? Please keep us updated on the results..........


I was supposed to have blood drawn tomorrow. But, on the way to taking Schnellie to the vet this afternoon, I got a blowout tire. I don't have a cell phone, so it was especially difficult for me, with Schnellie crying in the car. My car had to be towed to the nearest Honda dealer, since Les Schwab and other tire stores near my house were all closed on Sunday. Never a dull moment here. But we're back home safe now, and I'm going to have to reschedule Schnellie and wait to hear back on when my car might be ready for pickup. I don't have any way to get there, so they're going to come get me and bring me back to the dealership. I'm really pissed at Les Schwab right now. They didn't even have the courtesy to have a recorded message saying they were closed on Sundays. The phone just rang and rang and rang some some. I called three Les Schwab's in my neighborhood. I even went online and found their less-than-user-friendly website. They said they were open today, so I tried once again to call them. In my confusion, I had completely forgotten it was Sunday. For once, I'd just like things to go smoothly! So when I contact my doctor, I'll ask her about the potassium. Thanks.


Gail, a delightful colorful and fun puzzle!!!! When you go back to the doctor and he checks your blood, have him test your potassium level if they haven't already done that. I never knew that potassium played such an important role until a couple of weeks ago when I ended up at the ER due to low potassium. If you had diarreaha and vomiting with the norovirus, not sure what the symptoms are, a low potassium can cause you to feel really weak, muscle cramps and spasms, irregular heart rhythms, and bruising easily.....probably along with other things too. Just a thought. Hope your check up can clear up things and you get your spunk back real soon!!!!!


Thanks, shazzaannie. It's the perfect advice. Today is the first day I've started to feel a little better. I actually had my first meal in eight days. Yippee! Still very weak, still tummy pains, but all in all, a banner day! If I never see Pedialite again, it won't be soon enough. In eight days, I had half a cup of applesauce and a package of jello. Tonight, it was a bowl of chicken broth, half a small New York steak and a cup of orzo. Tomorrow, leftovers! It really felt good to eat again. Do you have a first name you'd like to share? Might it be Annie?

The really important thing is to take it easy - you start to think that you are fine and then when you do something it's exhausting, so please take the recovery process slowly. I ended up eating what I fancied just to get some food in me to give me some energy. I also found glucose drinks helpful.


I know, Ardy. It's so hard to keep oneself free of germs and viruses. I read recently that the norovirus is somewhat of an epidemic in Oregon currently. I'll try and be more careful when I go shopping.

Edie, I'll do that shortly.

Judy, I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling. I kept waiting for your call but never got it, so I guess we were both just waiting on one another. I'll try and call you later.

Shazzaannie, I think only people who've had this can understand what it feels like. It is indeed ghastly, and I'm sorry you got infected also. Norovirus is also called viral gastroenteritis. I've been living on Pedialite, applesauce and not much more. Helluva way to lose weight!

Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better.Norovirus is ghastly - I had it last year. A lot of people think it is just a bad tummy but it is much worse than that. Eat nourishing foods - little and often. Have plenty of fluids and lots of rest.


Gail, I've been struggling a bit myself, so I apologize for just now finding out how sick you were. I am so very sorry but am glad you are beginning to feel like you are on the mend. I kept waiting to hear from you and checking to see if I got a message, so I feel bad for not seeing what was going on. Please know that my prayers are for a speedy recovery, my friend. I just did your fascinating puzzle with wonderful patterns. Great job; it was a truly enjoyable solve. Keep resting and don't push. We wouldn't want a relapse. Hugs.


Check the message you left me a few hours ago.


Gail, One of the germiest places you handle is the grocery cart handle. At the store where I shop they have disinfecting wipes for the customers' use. I always scrub my hands as soon as I get home from the grocery. Glad you are doing some better.


Thanks, Barb, June and Ardy. I'm starting to feel a lot better now, just very tired still. I'm going to try some plain orzo, some chicken broth and a couple of eggs for dinner soon. June, I'm not a vegetarian, just a Hungarian Aquarian... ;) I do like plain chicken broth. Ardy, I haven't even checked my bookmarked puzzles to see about comments, so please forgive me for not seeing your comment. I'll try and find it at some point over the weekend. After I got sick, I started doing a little research, and found that the norovirus in Oregon has been particularly nasty, especially during January and February. It's funny, because I don't get out very often, so there are only a couple of places I could have caught it ~ at the supermarket or my chiropractor's office, or perhaps in some food I'd eaten, all because someone didn't wash their hands properly.


Gail, I saw your comment on one of my puzzles just yesterday and did respond with wishes for your complete and soon recovery. I'm hearing that the norovirus is one of the nastiest bugs around this winter. I really like this puzzle. It's bright and cheerful but lots of fun colors and shapes and designs. I hope it makes you feel better. Thanks.


I am so sorry to hear that you are still very poorly Gail. I hope you can start to eat something substantial soon to keep up your strength. Maybe someone could make you some chicken broth? I know it's a cliche but it really doe you good or beef broth. Though somewhere at the back of my mind I seem to think you are a vegetarian. Either way soups a good way to start. Some nice soft warm hugs coming your way.


Gail, I knew you hadn't been well but had no idea it was that serious. Do hope you are back to normal soon. Certainly not a great way to lose weight and hope to hear that you are able to eat more soon. Take care, lots of rest. :-)


Thanks so much, skpy. I appreciate it.


Feel better.