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I'm fursty!!

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You are welcome to join the chat, Belvedere! I've got another site called tugman22 where I post the same jigs in a bigger size. Good to hear from you! :-))

I'm crazy about this upside down bird and all your many comments to one another. Hats off from the USA. BELVEDEREDOGLOVER


Look after yourself!


Hi, Phyllis,

Sorry I've not answered your comments but I'm not getting much time on Jigidi at the moment. This is just to let you know that I'm fine and I hope the same goes for you and Len!! :-))


Hi John, AB's game finished a short while ago, Len said the English came out of the gate and had the AB's running! The 2nd half was different and the AB's only just won rhe game. I know there are many who say 'A win is a win' but I'm not one of them, and you already know I'm not an overly enthusiastic fan of Rugby. This was just a win!

Other than that had a busy day with family, it's now cold and I think a coffee is what's called for.
Take care - Phyllis


S'mae John, Have had an awesome day here today! The storm has moved on, towards OZ I think, and we had a cloudless sky all day. People out in shorts no less:-)

I'm glad your back is improving and getting the lawn cut is a good idea. We have very little lawn here now, the front garden is going to be a woodland area, and has already got it's floor down, some trees are in but I'm waiting for the bigger ones to come now, Birch [one of my favourite trees]
a couple of Viburnums and a couple of 2m Rhododendrons. I have a few smaller ones, and out the front on the council land we've planted Photinia and a Brush, will will bring the birds in.

I've also ordered a Bramley, oh joy, one of my childhood memories eating the skins as mum peeled them for an apple pie. Funny what we remember isn't it.

I quite like the name Ieuan as well, maybe I shall start to call you that as it really is your name in Welsh isn't it!. Anyway, it's almost 12:30 am, and we have Timothy coming with wife and 3 nippers for the day, I need sleep before they get here - just made 2 Bacon & Egg Pies plus a couple of other bits for meals. Should be a good day. Nos da Ieuan - :-))))


My back is just about right now, Phyllis, but I'm getting a gardener to cut my grass just to be on the safe side!

The match where Wales beat the French was in the under-20's World championship. Funnily enough, that result meant that NZ just crept into the next stages. The tournament is being help in NZ. A Wales team beat a SA provincial side last night and their first test will be this Saturday. I've got 4 Test matches to watch on that day, starting with NZ vs. England. It was very close last Saturday.

Never been a Ieuan, Phyllis, although I do like the name.

Hwyl fawr


Oh dear you too... We have a storm raging outside, Things being blown everywhere and the power went off as I started to do this, for the second time too. I have a lit candle by the pc, so I shall not be in darkness. There are floods down the South Island, up North I believe as well. Our beautiful autumn is gone and we have winter now, with all its passion.

Oh dear, a bad back is never nice. You'll have to do your excercises and don't forget the abdominal ones as well, as they, when strengthed, help to support your back.

Did I hear correctly that Wales beat the French, oh goodie, goodie gum drops! It'll stir them for meeting the SA team, so keep the faith John. Do you ever go by the Welsh Ieuan at all. I think I like the welsh better than sias.

Well, my father was a Harold, a very fine one too, if I might be so bold as to say the best Harold I've ever known too. He never ever burnt cake, possibly as he never baked, but he did burn the toast:-)))

I must away the wind will lull me to sleep I'm sure.
'Gael yn dda yn gyfly'


What heat, Phyllis? The weathers gone a bit poor for a while. I've had a bad back for a week which has stopped me doing a lot of things!! {:-((

I agree with Len re the match. I fear that Wales will not do too well when they meet SA next week.

Don't forget that Harold burnt the cakes too, so you're in good company!!

Hwyl - John


I am well! thank you kind sir! Len's a bit under the weather, I think he is bored, not much to do around this place and he's missing the farm life. What about you, you bearing up with all the summer heat you're getting.

Did you watch the AB v England game? len watched it and was sad that the ABs didn't play their usual game [he said] and that he felt the English team was a the better one on the day. The ABs were a bit clumsy I gather? It must be hard when so much pressure is placed on a team to do well. I get a bit tired of seeing coaches and managers, sacked when a team loses and that is the same fort both Union and League and Soccer I guess. I'm so relieved that Len didn't sack me when I burnt the first cake I'd made.... :-))

Take care - Phyllis


Hope you are well, Phyllis! :-)))


Correction please... you both pinched my line:-)))


Ooh, you pinched my line!! LOL

cute - just like you - LOL LOL LOL