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A Fountain

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Does anyone have a penny so we can make a wish?

............ no pennies !?!


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Hi Denise! I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the note!


Lovely fountain cevas, thanks:-)


I'm glad you joined us Ank. You arrived at the perfect moment!


Lovely, and I'm on my way. Graciela has enough pennys, so we can sit there and throw them. Close the eyes and wish.....


Oh Graciela!! I didn't see your note! I'm sorry.
Wow! You have jars of Canadian pennies!! ... Why? ... doorstops? I have a few and Suzy brought some so I think we are OK. But thank you!! I'm glad you've joined us because now it's time to make our wishes!!

Hi Laurajane. Yes, it is a pretty little fountain. Perfect for toddlers on hot days with mom sitting nearby.


I wouldn't mind one of these in my garden!


Thank you Lorna. These gardens are attached to a shopping area. I think some of the people who work there come in here to eat their lunches.

Hi Gladstone! Thank you for your note. Maybe Spring will be early in Saskatchewan this year!!

Thank you Suzy. I looked in the fountain and there were Canadian pennies and American pennies. So I guess if I run out I can go across the border, buy something and ask for the change in pennies!


How many pennies do you want cevas? I have a few jars full of them! All Canadian!


Such a pretty fountain! Have lots of pennies with which to wish. :)


Makes me want to think of summer. We have a couple of months for our water to start running.


Nice little fountain; the frogs are cute!


Thanks Jim. I took all these pictures on Feb 2 but it does look like spring!!


They will work perfectly! Thanks Laura. But they are going to be hard to find from now on.


Would Canadian pennies work?