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Growly, Cassie, Freddy, and Maggie disguise themselves as ice cream cones

36 pieces
150 solves
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Starting from the far left-
Pat's dog, Cassie,
Pat's dog, Maggie
Hester's dog, Freddy (feisty)
Hester's owner, Growly (super feisty)


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Tassia, you shouldn't have eaten all the ice cream! I'm so glad you enjoyed solving it though. :-))))))


I LOVE Icecream, thank you alot,
Tassia. :-)))))


Good for you, Hester! I was very daring up until about 10 years ago (I was still rollerblading very fast in my 50s), but now I'm a lot more careful...mainly because an injury now would be a lot more serious than when I was younger. I'm glad that you're going to make sure that Growly is safe. After all, that should be your primary concern.

And I can understand why you want to do daring things now, if you weren't so much years ago.


Wendy, I am working on my Bucket List and those are on there! I didn't do enough daring thing in those early years so there's time to be made up! And I think tandem jumps are where we have to start! :-)) G will always be safe !


Oh, geeeeeeeez. I hope you didn't supervise during the musical chairs/dog farts game. I think I'd let them play that game while I was outside shoveling snow, or...well, anything that would serve as a good excuse for not being a 'party' to the party.

I'm glad that Growly still has as much spunk as ever. I did lots of daring things in my youth but bungee jumping and parachuting were not things I ever wanted to do. Maybe you should do some trial runs on your own before putting Growly into possible harm's way?


Actually: musical chairs/dog farts, pin the tail on the cutest girlie dog in the village, chase the ice cube round the kitchen floor and pass the parcel/dog biscuit. A good time was had by all!

The bear is an intrepid adventurer. He has plans to buny jump and tandem parachute . But only if his mother gets the b***s to do it too!


Exactly, Hester. I would never intentionally put Growly in harm's way....not like someone else I know who sits him on ledges where he could easily slip off.

I hope Freddy had a nice dinner with cake and ice cream....preferably in a cone. I'm trying to think what kind of games there are at Dog Birthday Parties. I suppose Pin the Tail on the Cat is one of them.


Wendy,that is so thoughtful! Growly can rest easy to know that he won't have his "block knocked off" by some bear hunter!

BTW, Freddy had a very indulgent birthday. BB was abroad so I was able to indulge him without being told off. He had a fun run with Crazy Wally so he spent a happy , kna*****d afternoon dozing and dreaming till dinner time. No brushing since it was his day, and games in the evening. All in all a good Dog day ! :-))


Hester, I can't believe that I didn't look it up myself! Well, after I saw what you said, I did look it up. The reason why a coconut may be difficult to knock off the stand is because the ring might be too large, so the coconut sits too low. I did research.

I put a protective glass covering over the entire puzzle....just in case someone had a mean streak.


Wendy, a coconut shy is found at fairs in the UK. Coconuts are placed in shallow cups on poles and people throw wooden balls to knock them off. I'm sure superglue is sneaked in as its usually pretty difficult to dislodge them. With his elf's hat Growly looks a bit like like he's in the target range! Not that I'd let anyone chuck balls at him!! ;-)


Whoa! I posted this private puzzle on October 6th and it's still here (Growly on the ledge):


Hester, I'm delighted that you recognized your wonderful Growly up in the corner. ;-)
I had no idea that it was Freddy's birthday! I should have done something extra special for him. If I had known, I would have. I hope he had a terrific celebration.

What is a "coconut shy"?

I'm so glad you liked this puzzle. :-)


Pat, you're very welcome, my dear. I had a lot of fun making this one for you and Hester. All the ice cream is probably melted, and licked up by now, so you can put them on a strict diet tomorrow.

Mandy, that's Hester's infamous Growly, a pic taken when he was on one of his trips in Europe. I'll see if I can locate the pic. In the meantime though, I love these little puzzles I had once made for him.

PJ, I had to resize the critters a thousand times before I got them right. And I lost my favorite polar bear, but like I mentioned to Mandy, it's Growly up in the corner.

Ardy, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one....even though it's not a bunch of flowers. :-)

Katie, ice cream cones have to be sugar cones or they're not real ice cream cones. ;-)

whatnauts, of course, they're sneaky. :-)


LOLOL! PJ, if I'm not very much mistaken that's Growly peeping in at the top!!
Wendy this is soooooo sweet! Freddy would be thrilled to have his own ice cream cone. He gets quite hot and likes to chew ice cubes so it would be a real treat. It would also keep him cool in the company of those two foxy ladies! :-DDD On top of which , he had his 2nd birthday when you posted this so it's a lovely birthday present for him!
Now, the bear looks as though he is in a coconut shy so he'd better behave himself...:-)))
This is a work of genius, thankyou so much!!


Aww, sneaky puppies :)


Hi Wendy, this is just so comically creative! I'm so glad you use sugar cones.


Oh, Wendy. I started laughing as soon as I spotted the title. This is so cute. Great work. Thanks for the fun.


Oh, Wendy - so fun. Great. So fun to include the pets - they fit so nicely on top of the real ice cream cones. Now you've got me craving ice cream too, looking at those lucky pets....
The little figure in the top right corner that Mandy was thinking about - I think it looks like a little polar bear. Do you have a 'teddy polar bear', Wendy????? Tucked away in a closet?


I'm intrigued with who is hiding in the very top right corner of the frame??? Wendy I think you have a stowaway!!! LOL :~)


Well, there go their diets! LOL!!! The little chubsters are delighted, of course--Auntie Wendy spoils them rotten! Really fun puzzle--thanks so much! :-)))


Barb, yes, I don't think they'd want to be whacked with a club. :-)


So sweet, Wendy ..... good thing they aren't golf balls and tees as PJ thought yesterday or someone might be in trouble. Make that four (fore!) someones. LOL


They're licking the melting ice cream from the cones above, so I have to assume you're correct.


I'm sure they're all very happy!......Hee-Hee!.....