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Beyond the Blinds

49 pieces
144 solves
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yukity, you're being very modest. Besides the top spots, you have lots of second and third place spots. It's funny, you get lost in the colors and patterns while you solve and I definitely get lost in them while I'm creating. Sometimes I'm so lost that a three or four hours will go by without me realizing it.

Thank you again, for letting me know. :-)

Thank you Wendy. I may be rather fast sometimes, but the best part is - as everyone here may agree - the moments happily lost in the colors n patterns you created. I'm truly thankful every time I play ;)


yukity, thanks so much for stopping by. I know that you have 7 top spots on my puzzles and I noticed that all but one are very you're getting faster. I'm pleased though, that you let my friend Mandy share the spot with you here. :-)

Thank you, PJ, I hope I can make more that you find fascinating as well. :-)


WOW - this was fascinating and interesting, what an inventive design, Wendy. Looking forward to more of your inventiveness :-)))

Bbbbbeautiful! Thank you ;)


Thank you, Pat. I do think the word "refreshing" kind of fits. Very slowly but surely, I'm trying new things.

whatnauts, I agree. The top layer (this was a bunch of layers) really does look like an ocean view.


I'm sensing an ocean or lake view. Cool puzzle.


I love it, too--refreshingly lovely, and very interesting and original! I do hope you make more--it's wonderful! :-)))


Mandy, you guessed it. It's a series of pictures taken through a window with time elapsed (or whatever the heck it's called) photography. LOL

I've been trying to get to the point where I can email you....but it ain't happening yet. LOL
Anyway, I've been messing around with trying new things...and this is one of them. I'm hoping enough people like this so that I'll know I should make more. I happen to love it.


Looking through the bathroom window at the planet of many suns!!! Or maybe its a series of pictures taken through the same window on a timer to track the movement of the one sun over several days??
Its ingenious whatever it is, thanks Wendy :~)


Thank you very much, maggggie. I just checked out your puzzles and think this one is beautiful, "You can't see me, can you?" It's a wonderful picture of your cat under the chair....if it's your cat, and even if it isn't your cat. :-)


Very nice variation of pattern.