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For Robbie and Tex - Mimi has braggin rights I think.

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Here is a photo I took this AM of my X Christmas tree, now just some pretty flowers on my table. I am after awhile going to give the it to my daughter to plant in her large yard, mine is too teensy!


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Oh Jacques, you are just too bad! LOL

Robbie, I think you got it right, YOU ARE A CHARACTER - AND WE ALL LOVE YOU!


Mimi this is just too perfect Mimi, but not the character that ours has (Tex and mine). However I must compliment you on a beautiful plant. Sorry I'm late and thanks!


it is his breath that makes the plant sick mimi!!!


You are very welcome Hanne, and yes, they will look lovely in my daughters yard next winter.

Thanks for your support Pat! :)


I think Mimi does have bragging rights... Beautiful....


Just imagine to be able to have them OUTSIDE!! SIGH!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Jacques, I can't help but agree, maybe poinsettias just don't do well on that gorgeous island.

Yep it is Suzy, no thanks to me. It's one of life's little mysteries!


You are very welcome Janazlouky, I love red and so this flower is one of my favorites.

Ank, my thumb usually kills all living plant life that comes near me. These flowers are just Me-proof somehow. I'm glad, but I deserve NO credit. I agree about Albertsons, they should come be a garden for you too!

Yep, Red's good Shirley! and you are very welcome!


Yowser!!! This is still beautiful!!!!


they look better than Robbiel's plant mimi!


Beautiful, has the Mimi look (in that it's red) Thanks Mimi.


Beautiful Mimi, I can't believe you don't do something special with a green thumb.
I will give an order that Tex. Albertsons opens a shop here too. I also want such a garden. lol
Thanks Mimi.


Beautiful flower, thank you Mimi.


Thanks Patti, glad you like it!

I like that name Elina, Christmas Star sounds lovely, thanks for telling me.

That is funny Tex. Albertsons is one of my best gardens!


Mimi, it's funny you mention Albertson's. For years, I've bought all my fresh bouquets (roses, especially) from there. They have the best ones in town, and very reasonably priced. I love them too. Thanks.


Very nice, Mimi.
We call this: "Kerstster' (Christmas Star) :-)


Gorgeous, Mimi!


Tex, the plant gets all the credit. I buy one every year from Albertsons Supermarket (another of my gardens) and they are by far the best ones in town. They last till you get sick of them. I just water this occasionally and it does the rest! I really get no credit at all.

Thank gnt, glad it pleases!


How could you even compare this thick lush poinsettia to the character that mine and Robbie's had? Maybe you need to take a second look at the shriveled up leaves and drooping blooms! Hee, hee, seriously, I don't know how you've kept this one so beautiful. Thanks, Mimi!


Nice one mimi