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Potpourri157 - Large - rj

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I also didn't tell you what happened the day before. I had auto-cleaned my oven, and my sister came over to wipe it down for me. She opened the oven door and found the lower element in pieces. It's too old to repair, so now I'm out an oven as well. Yikes! When it rains, it pours. I did get the approval from the insurance company, so now I'm waiting to have the kitchen ripped out, a remediation specialist come in and remove the mold, an inspector after that, then the rebuild. All told, I'll be without a kitchen for over a month. Double Yikes!

I read about the "low resolution" images, and copied one and pasted it in my editing program, and made a private puzzle out of it. Here's the result:

As far as I can tell, it's not any different from any other puzzle. What do you think?


Thanks, Gail. So sorry to hear about your house problems. Sounds like a nightmare. All I can do is hope that things go as smooth as possible for you. I don't envy you having to go through all that and the cost of it all.

I did get a reply from Stephan, and seeing as a low resolution image of the puzzle is all that is shown with a link to the Jigidi puzzle(s), I decided it was ok if they wanted to put a link to my puzzles on social media. Of course, they should have given people the option or at least advised us that this was being done or would be done. But, I'm not going to quibble about it. The only way anyone can steal something of any substance would be from the finished puzzle, here on jigidi and that can be done even now by anyone in Jigidi. Instead I will be putting a copyright mark on my puzzles from now on. I also have the option of deleting my puzzles, so I can live with that option.


No worries, Robyn. None at all. I have my own problems now.

I've had a disaster in my house. I discovered mold in my lower cabinets two nights ago, thanks to my contractor (who turned out to be unlicensed) nicking a pipe, flooding the entire underside of my house every time I used the kitchen sink. Half the kitchen has to be ripped out, including the floor. I had just redone the godawful kitchen that was here in January. I have to wait until end of the week or early next week to see if the state-run Citizens Insurance will cover it. Expected to be $10,000+. The plumber's bill, which I paid, was $700. I don't know if you've ever seen my puzzles listing all the issues I've had since moving to Florida. Every occurrence of disasters I have here keep growing exponentially. I'm so discouraged, disheartened and discombobulated. I barely survived the remodel in January, which I'm still paying off over time. I don't know how I and the cats will survive this one. And if they don't cover it, I and my house are dead in the water.

You'll probably get the same standard response all those who wrote to him got. I don't have the strength to deal with this, especially with what's happened now.


Hi Gail. I'm sorry I didn't respond to you earlier. Life has been so hectic for me the past 6 months and my load will not be getting any lighter any time soon. Some days are downright exhausting. It's just one thing after another. So you'll have to forgive me if I'm not on top of Jigidi these days.

I did, however, eventually email Magnus and Stefan about this and am waiting for a reply.


Robyn, I decided to send my email under my own name only. I decided I don't have the physical or emotional energy to continue dealing with this. City Hall wins again.....


I have a draft of a letter to Stefan. I'm going to be sending it to those Jigidi friends that I have addresses for. Would you like to see it? I hope to send it out by Sunday.


Thank you so much Gail for letting me know. It never dawned on me that clicking to share this on Facebook, etc., meant that anyone, other than me, could share my own puzzles there. That's not right. I will write to Magnus and Stephan about it.

Thank you for letting me know, hon!!


Robyn, in a nutshell, someone showed me a link to pinterest with everyone's puzzles on it. There are icons under your puzzles, and the "P" one is to pinterest. When anyone clicks on that link and has a pinterest account, our puzzle gets posted to this website. Apparently, the same thing happens when someone clicks on (or "pins") a puzzle to Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. A person can also click on the envelope to email it to someone. Imagine that?

When someone clicks on the puzzle, they're brought to our puzzle on the solve page. So, when a person does the puzzle, it doesn't show who created it (except our Jigidi name) or what size it is. It's a way for Jigidi to garner more interest in Jigidi and perhaps make money. It has everyone on edge and at least three people have deleted all or most of their wonderful puzzles. We weren't notified, nor was our permission given or asked for.

If you want to know more, I'd have to send you an email with all the links to our puzzles that I know about (just the tip of the iceberg), threads from TPTB and others. If you're still interested, would you leave me your email address on a very old puzzle of mine? I'll be up for another couple of hours. I'd have to respond tomorrow, because I'm totally burned out on the subject. I've probably solved one puzzle in the last week.


Ooops, sorry about that Rainiqui, lol. ;)

Thank you Debs. I'm very happy you enjoy them all. :)) It's my pleasure to entertain you, lol. ;)


Arrggghhhh Robyn ~ Those lookalike squares of yours are ALWAYS my downfall, LOL LOL LOL!!!


Another winner! Love every single one of your potpourris, thank you Robyn : ))


Glad you both liked the puzzle, anther and chilisand. You're most welcome, as always. :))


Fun! Thank you.


Great patterns and bright colours, thanks Robyn.


I'm so glad to hear that Timmie. My pleasure. :))


Fabulous Potpourri, In Concert! Enjoyed it very much.


Wild patterns, lol... thank you and you're most welcome norkor. :))
Good morning, misslillie. You're always welcome. Hope you have a great day. :))

My 1st. today, good morning, InConcert, thanks for a terrific puzzle !!!

wild patterns, fun puzzle, thanks