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Knew I could count on you, good buddy to bail me out.... :) :)


Lol! That's very clever, Shirley.....arteriol art!! I definitely see how you envisioned these as arteries! You are very welcome, dear friend.... :-)


Thank you Jill, for this gorgeous riot of arteries in neon colours. now that's a bit bland after the colourful comment our friend Sally gave you. :):) she does have a way with words bless her.


"astute", unless asute means something nice too. ... :-)


You are so very welcome, dearest Libby! I'm sure you had much technical information to add to the discussion but you did not want to take away from Sally's asute observations! Lol! She is the Bailout Supreme. I am glad you liked the intense colors and that you had fun with it!


1st...time...I've... been... speechless! Way too many things thrown at once at this slow brain! My academic response to your detailed technical data...."do what???" As for the sibs trio ( do they all have red hair?), they had better be proud of me at all times! If the men in the white coats read your comment, I may need to bail you out, dear one!!


Funny Ms Jill, when I saw this beauty, EVERYTHING Ms Sally said is exactly what come to my mind!!! (NOT!) Seriously intense colors, and FUN! Thanks ;-)


Gorgeous neon colors... When I first saw this it looked like an abstract of the Golden Gate Bridge.... On completion this is way more detailed... One of the finesr examples of Bailout I've ever seen.... Your BailoutStyle and ColorMode settings have been calculated to perfection... Your calculation stopped at the precise moment to give maximum puzzle enjoyment.... Hooley, Howdy and Sassy would be right proud of you good buddy.... Thanks mucho.... 'L' to the power of E=MC squared..... :) :)