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Baubles.... (The Small)....

36 pieces
143 solves
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Thanks Kathy.....
Thank you Shirley, I'll drink to that....
Thank you Robbie for starting an interesting intercontinental, international, possibly intergalactic discussion on the pronunciation of 'Celtic'... as in 'cell' or as in 'keller'... Thanks a lot, mate....
Thanks TG... Good time of year for baubles.... Enjoy the season....
No you may not have a standing order, Ms Queen of Kaleidoscopes... Too many are not good for your eyesight, and remember you have to take care of the 'crick' in your neck....
Thank you Katie, you are not alone in seeing ornaments.... Have you recently decorated your tree.....
OK, Snooker.... Candy is dandy... But liquor is quicker....
What is this obsession with chocolate... Calm down QORE... Everything will be just fine.... Go on, have another chockie... See's is good.... So is Cadburys....


I think it's a box of chocolate covered mints wrapped in fancy foil wrappings. It's so great there must be chocolate in there somewhere!

Hard candies with the design in the center. Great!


These would make stunning Christmas ornaments. Thanks Sally!


Oooh!! I like it!! Can I place a standing order for a daily delivery please?? :)))


Love me some baubles smor. Thx :) time 2 minutes flat


Some nice Celtic designs on the coasters too! Thanks SMor, fun puzzle.


A lovely boxed set of colourful little coasters, with sweet little centers, very pretty, Thanks Sally. :):)


Neat design and a fun puzzle too!!!! Thank you :-)