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1949 Buick Roadmaster

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Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?


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Buick port holes. At first there were the 3 on each side and the 4 on each side, that represented if the car had a 6 cylinder or an 8 cylinder engine. Then they were all 8 cylinder engines so the portholes designated the quality and price. The 6 holers were the cheaper ones, while the 8 holers were the more expensive top of the line models.

To Billiejrl, the portholes haven't totally gone..... I walked past a Buick crossover SUV the other day and noted they were placed on top of the fender, inside a wrinkle along the fender top. Seemed a lousy concession to the memories we, of an age, seem to enjoy here!


I miss the southwest. I live in Virginia these days. The cars of the fifties were built by people who took pride in their work, and it shows.


Oh by the way ,,, I do like the hardtop. I think my dad's was a hardtop too.... his was a '51, and I remember him saying that if he just put the little chrome tail fins on his Buick it would look a year newer. '51 and '52 had the same body. just trim different.


thanks Bob. I hadn't noticed. But that is funny. I have seen it on other things too. funny.
I do know that the Sonoran Desert does reach down into Mexico. But it is always neat to drive a long way away and then notice the first Saguaro on the way home. Makes you feel like you are getting real close to getting home.


Hey Vic -have you ever noticed that the Old El Paso foods have a Saguaro Cactus on their label? I think they missed by 300 miles! They got the wrong desert!

I had two uncles who worked as mechanics at the Buick dealer and they decided people would be born with one leg because with the dyno flow only one leg was needed. Nice Car and a hardtop..


This Buick has a hood that opens from the side. It has a hood release on either side and can be opened from either side, or pull both releases and the whole hood comes right off.


Ok, the picture must be in Arizona, since the Saguaro Cactus only grow in the Sonoran Desert.
I have noticed that they, (Saguaro's) grow mostly on the southern side of hills and mountains, and most all of them bend slightly to the south. This is real good information to help in telling which way is north. I have several on my acre. I'm on the west side of the Tucson Mountains. They usually grow best near the side of a wash, although washes only run a couple times a year. The Saguaro's can store up enough water to make it to the next rain, even if the water is just running past them on the ground. Another bit of trivia is that if they get injured, they can heal with a scar in less than one hour. Usually it's the wood pecker that cuts a hole into them and puts their nest in that hole. The inside of the hole is immediately sealed up. It is then called a Saguaro Boot. When the cactus dies, the boot is still there. I have one hanging in my living room. They are very interesting looking. It is said that they don't grow very fast, but I have found that if you water them they will grow much faster. I have a couple in my yard that have grown about 6 feet in 20 years. The inside is made of a whole bunch of small ribs. The cactus expands and contracts with it's water content like a accordion. I had one that got it's roots into my septic leach field and it got so full of water that it split it's skin with stretch marks and healed itself right up in an hour.

I love your Buick picture. thanks Bob. I believe this is the era of Buick where they were known for having such a smooth shifting automatic transmission, that they were called slush buckets. There was a lot of slipping involved there, and not so good gas mileage. But in those days people didn't worry about gas mileage so much. at 25 cents per gallon. ha ha. My dad had a '51.


My parents owned that same car,same year same color!

One of the greatest cars, should never have taken the trademark holes out of the design!

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