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Orchid flowering!

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I won this in a raffle about 20 years ago and it seems to thrive on neglect!! I've got no idea what type it is - but it definitely needs re-potting & some TLC!!


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OK Deborah - thanks!


Rob, check back on your starfish puzzle!


LOL!!! This isn't a house plant Deborah!!! It's outside 24/7/365!!! I don't even think about house plants - I think you're amazing keeping them alive for 6-7 years!!! As for the outside garden - I LOVE low-maintenance plants:))) The thing I get annoyed about is when we don't get enough rain - & I can't do anything about that!!


Kudos to you, Rob! About the longest I've ever been able to keep a house plant alive is 6-7 years...and that's an exception! Most die within the first year. I have a dumb thumb, not a green one! And I love house plants. Oh well... :)))


LOL!! That's what I'm frightened of Lia!!!! Do I kill it (maybe) with kindness or leave it?


Hello Robryan, I gather yours lives like in nature. Nature doesn't pamper or repot them and growing in wild in nooks and corners on other trees, they don't get repot either. Perhaps if you do anything to it, it could be so shocked it withers. I don't say I'm right, but it could be that way.....


Thanks Gracie - LOL!!


20 years? just leave alone Robyn, you must be doing the right thing because it just looks fine to me!


Oh Wow!! Thanks Barb!! I really need to give it some attention though :)))


Your orchid is a Dendrobium but I can't tell the species. Or it can be a hybrid. Very beautiful one :)


Hardly - but thanks Dave :))) I promise to re-pot it though!!


Four flowers open and six more to go. You do have the touch, Robyn!


Thanks Beekay!!

Ha!! I think it's just a tough old Orchid Sandy!! Thanks!!

That must be the secret Shirley - neglect :))) Thanks - I feel a bit better now that someone else has told me they do the same thing :)))


Pretty orchid, Rob, I'm told they do better on neglect, to much pampering and they'll die. I have one that was a gift, I water it once in a while, hasn't died yet. :)))


Boy, that's been around a long time robyn. You have the magic touch.


Very nice despite the neglect!


LOL!! Yes - now that you mention it Laura :)))) Thanks!


Robyn, it looks like it is crying and has two little front teeth and its arms are hanging down. Does anyone else see it??


LOL!! Keep buying the tickets chookie - your luck might change :))))

I'll have to do something for it Ami - as it keeps on flowering, and all I do is water it occasionally!! It's outside summer & winter too!!


Re-potting and TLC sound easy enough Robyn! You've had it a long time, so that's evidence you know what you're doing with it!


You were very lucky to have won such a lovely orchid, rob - the only thing I've ever won is a chook!!