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Wallaby Joey

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Oh my goodness - what an adorable sight! This little joey just sat in his / her mother's pouch while she munched her way through the leaves.
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  1. Dilubreuer0:12
  2. laskadog10:16
  3. JennyG660:16
  4. wshealy0:17
  5. goingsilver0:17
  6. wjl10150:19
  7. wynot0:20
  8. treker0:20
  9. rosemk0010:21
  10. patten0:21


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Awww.....You captured a really sweet moment. :-))


Awesome! ☺♥☺


Lorna - every time I see it, I smile too. Precious.


Adorable! This photo is a real smiler Bren! Thanks.


And they are not small either! This one was about the size of a small kitten.
Snug as a bug in a rug :o)

Best place to be on a chilly autumn morning. Such a positive picture. Thank you.


Aaawww! What a cutie! We complain about nine months...these babies get carried around longer than that! :D

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