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Figment 101

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  1. repakepa41:52
  2. smiller000155:48
  3. jjg32181:01:59
  4. ThePuzzleMaster1:02:22
  5. Nurseturley1:03:37
  6. contrabyte1:04:37
  7. lbilly1:05:07
  8. Burvixese1:08:24
  9. kapatony1:09:38
  10. bomberg1:10:23


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Suspicions confirmed! We know our own climates too well :-)

Had to chuckle picturing you surrounded by the makings of a Chinese laundry. Best you can say for it is it would smell fresh! :-)))


Cold & wet today and will be for a few days at least. Yesterday WAS mild & warm! I'm always suspicious when we have warmer than usual days, rain usually follows. Got the washing done yesterday and dried so at least it doesn't look like a Chinese laundry indoors. (*~*)


You're more than welcome, mate!

How are you going? Not too cold and wet for you? Beautifully mild here :-)


Thanks for the fun Chrissie(*~*)


Thanks, Bob. Tough and fun in one package is a good deal :-) More bubbling on the back burner!

A tough one. They are all fun.


Too true, Tater! Priceless comment :-)


A simply difficult puzzle indeed! There is just no improving on that comment!!!!


tinlal, thank you for the sublime comment! You too have a way with words that I much appreciate. It's a wonder you did not hear the belly laugh it caused :-))


Ah, Janet you do have a way with words! Splot? Love it!

Fear not, this is a fragment of a figment - nothing to it :-))

Thank you for this simply difficult puzzle!!


Thanks so much for another marvelous romp in the world of splot! If that is only a figment - I am a bit scared of the whole! Cheers - Janet :))


You know it's pretty crazy, Joanne :-)) Thanks for your kind words!

No doubt about it, you and I will be eating the quick kids dust before too long LOL. Let's celebrate while we can!

Next week already? That is good news apart from the molasses speed internet. Here's hoping you can find a decently speedy ISP. Maybe satellite service?

Drop a line when you can to let us know the move went OK. Enjoy the peace and serenity :-)


Hi Foxy, Just a figment of your imagination which must be really crazy. Loved it. Thanks for creating and posting this. It was a lot of fun to assemble. You're STILL Numero Uno. Once the speed demons get here, we'll all disappear off the board but for now we can celebrate. I'll go get the ice wine.... We're leaving for Maine next week so I'll be MIA until we can figure out how to get internet. So far the only service is sloooooow (30x slower) that we've been able to find so it's up in the air.

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