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Saturday Collage

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You're welcome, Kirsten. Hope you have had a good cool day. Freezing here. lol ((HUGS))


I like the two lacy ones here, Ardy. Thanks to you and Francine. ((HUGS))


Thank, BeeKay. I played with that one quite a bit to get it to where I liked it best. So glad it pleases you too. ♥


My very favorite today is that delicate filigree on the right side, middle row. It's absolutely beautiful☺
Thank you, and I hope you have enjoyed the day♥


Delighted you enjoyed them, Shirley. Glad you found three to favor. Thank you.


My favourite is the bottom left top left and center right, Thanks, Ardy and Francine, for these sweeties.


Thanks Barbara. It is lovely.


You're welcome, Barb. That's the lotus template. ☺


Good afternoon, Eva. I'm not sure how anyone equates below freezing with 62 F. Its 33 now feeling ike 24 if I can believe anything they say. LOL Glad you liked the collage. One full set on its way to you. Barb enjoyed mysteries and was glad when they let her have books at the hospital. Her niece tagoold posted a puzzle today. Maybe you might pop over to her puzzle and tell her about the books Barb recommended. I "followed" her as soon as I saw her signed in to Jigidi.


Middle right is my favourite today, its so pretty.


Top middle is my fave but they all are really pretty also. Thanks for the great collage, Ardy :)


Good afternoon Ardy..I’m laughing at your local forecast after I checked it..There is no way your hi will go up into the 60’s...A couple of weeks ago our local forecast said we had received 4” of rain, yeah right..☀️☀️❄️❄️
You keep creating some gorgeous kaleidos each and every day and no matter who’s puzzle you put into the blender miracles happen..I really like all of them meaning a full set..Thanks ladies for the joy of solving..⭐️⭐️⭐️
I meant to tell you each and every day that our Barb recommended a nice southern series of books of eight and never got to share it with her that I purchased all of them in my iBooks and they are enlightening reading the third book now..
Have a good Saturday afternoon/evening..Hugs ❤️❤️




LOL - I'm choosing a batch over bath, I think, Ardy. :-))


Sun is out here now, Nette, but cold and windy. I'm staying in. Enjoy your day.


Pam, there is always a bath or batch of jigsaw puzzles. LOL


Better than last week but still to cold. Wild chill here now is 25. Latifa, you are taking in Fahrenheit aren't you? Just checked the local weather on the computer which insists that today's high will be 62 and that temperatures are below freezing. LOL


So far we are having a lovely sunny day but it is very windy and cold and clouds are gathering on the horizon... you stay warm too Ardy! ♡


Thank you, Ardy. You have a good day, too. Stay warm, and perhaps enjoy a batch of jigsaw puzzles? ☺
(lol - I had typo'd "bath" instead of "batch" - suggesting you might enjoy a bath of jigsaw puzzles - lol)


It's -8 wind chill this morning Ardy... much better than last week :D


Thanks, Nicky. The center design is called a Celtic Cross. I don't use it often but it worked nicely here.


Some beauties here, Ardy. The centre one reminds me of a Celtic Cross. I really like the top middle one - reminds me of a close up shot of a seed pod.


You're welcome, 6tc, Aw, go ahead, take the center one too. You'll make it happy. ☺ Have a good day.


You're welcome, Pam. Glad you found three to favor. Mine is the bottom middle too. Have a good day.


You're welcome, Latifa. I'm happy you enjoyed the puzzle and found favorites. Have a good day Stay warm.


Thanks, Ardy, I favor 4 - top row, left and middle; second row, right; and, third row left, with center almost making it 5. Francine's puzzle made some beauties. Thanks!


Thanks for fun puzzle, Ardy, with plenty of bright colors, thanks to Francine's original art. :-)
I have 3 favorites: top-right, middle-right, and bottom-center.


Another fun solve! I especially love the middle right, top right and top left today. Thanks, Ardy and Francine ♥


Good morning, Sandi. 33 here feeling like 24 but the forecast says we are heading for 62. I think there is something wrong there. It's totally overcast and windy. Still warmer than you are. I've forgotten how old your granddaughter is but I can guess there will be no closet cleaning time today. ☺ Glad you liked the puzzle and found favorites. Thanks. The bottom middle is mine. Thanks for the Sabbath wishes. Take care. Stay safe and warm and enjoy the little one. Hugs.


Good morning, Pat. Like your choice of favorites. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and warm. Hugs.


Good Morning, Ardy. It's a frosty 14 degrees F here this morning, but that is warmer than the weather people said. It is to stay cold all day. We are watching the granddaughter again. Parents have to work this morning. She is being extra good today. I didn't get around to the closet yesterday, so perhaps I'll get there today. Thank you and thanks to Francine for a beautiful solve. My favorites are the top left and top middle. The bottom center is wonderful as well. Have a marvelous Sabbath Day, my friend.


Good morning Ardy ... Like the top left, middle right and middle bottom .. Have a blessed day and stay warm ... Hugs


That's a lovely collection of favorites, Nette. Thank you. Are you having snowflakes today? None here but overcast and cold. Stay warm.


Love the rich dark colors of the kals that spring to life when the puzzle is solved Ardy, faves are all three top row, middle row center and bottom row left and right! ❋❋❋


You're welcome, Francine. The center is the Celtic Cross. I don't use it very often but it worked well with this one. I always love the star. I can get carried away with it. ☺ Thank YOU.


The centered one is my favourite, along with the bottom star. Thanks, Ardy.