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Fall Centerpieces! (dinner size)

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Kiesten - Of course they remind you of pomegranates - because they ARE. Dagmar was saying she puts them on a salad. I have only tasted them once and that sounds fabulous to me!!
I am glad you found something to glow about. But, grab that heart right back, cause there are always more beauties on Jigidi!! :))) X


LOVE THIS JAN!! The top right kind of reminds me of pomegranates (don't say that word to lela - it's banned). And I really like the glow of the middle left. But the middle right has stolen my heart today. It reminds me of our beloved tree bark kaleidos! Thanks Jan. :)))


Mariasha - Thank YOU. Glad you are enjoying the series.

Another fall stunner...thank you Jan!


Ardy - you are as greedy as Hester. And she already had to stand in the corner once for that! Please share nicely! LOL. Thanks, my dear!


Barb - I may have 3 left, PLUS the scarecrow kaleido. Keep you fingers crossed. Then, maybe on to pink and purple for a change! (LOL) Thanks for being so supportive!


They're all so lovely, I can't decide which one I want on my table ..... perhaps the middle one. :-) Thanks for keeping the autumn puzzles going, Jan. :-)


Beautiful, wonderful, delightful. i can't begin to pick a favorite unless I take all 9. Love your sub titles. Thank you. Love it.