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Pinknblack Petal Perfection - Sweet Williams

77 pieces
129 solves
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Thanks, Mariolyn for taking the time to post a message and so glad you enjoyed it.


Beautiful! And what a color!


My son and I are very close and we see a lot of each other. He lives an hour from us. The daughter is not close and we only see each other every few years. The grandkids come for the summer, though. I love to cook, but never thought of making my own taco shells, no wonder your son misses your cooking!


Amen to that! Wow, my son turns 31 in May! It's great that your son lives close by to you! I sure wish my son lived closer to me! He just bought a tri-level house on the other side of Vegas! A long ways away from me! :((( At least he comes to visit us fairly often, he says he misses my cooking! L.O.L. In fact, he's coming over tomorrow night for home made tacos! I make my own shells and everything from scratch! Does your daughter visit you often enough, or you visit her?


I have two, a son and a daughter. The son (39 this month) lives nearby and the daughter very far from home. I agree about the pride we have in our children. They are our greatest blessings.


Really? How many children do you have? I just have the one! My boy whom I spoke of in my profile! He's very special to me too! He's 30 years old now! Wow, I feel like I just aged tremendously by stating that! L.O.L. His name is James! And, he's absolutely wonderful, everything a mother could ever want in a son! Wow, I do go on and on when it comes to him, sorry! Maybe, some day you'll go on and on about your kids to me! I would very much like that!...Monica


You are welcome, Monica. I have a son named William, so these are a little more special to me.


Oh my goodness, these flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I'll just bet they smell real pretty too! Thank you so much pinknblack, this was fun!...Monica