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Thomas is 6 months old today

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I've given them to him for 3 days now flkatz while we had the extreme heat but never saw him near them. I may try putting one into his trailer cap for the night but by then it's cooled down and he may not need it.


I had a rabbit Edie, and I'd let her in the house for brief periods, and I'd lie down on the floor, and she'd hop over and give me a kiss, so cute! Please do the water bottles for him, maybe water in a plastic ziplock and freeze it?

Take care!


You're welcome yellowgal. So far I haven't seen Thomas lay beside the bottles but from what I've read it's the rabbits that are kept outdoors in hutches that are most at risk and most likely to use the bottles. Thomas has a large area that he roams in with the chickens and I've seem him dig down into the earth and then lay on cool ground. I guess he doesn't feel the need to use the bottles.

Thanks for the tip about freezing up some water bottles when it gets humid (like now). Two of my grandsons age 5 and 7 years old bought themselves 2 rabbits with their birthday money. Peppermint is a white lop eared bunny, and Koala is a medium grey color. Their Dad built an outdoor hutch for them, so far so good.
Your Thomas is adorable, stay out of trouble, Thomas!!


Thanks Nicky, he is a cute litte(big) guy :-))


What a beauty! Just look at those wonderful ears! He's really chilling' out there!


Thanks everyone. Thomas is too boney for stew. Those are usually California, New Zealand or a cross of the two. In this picture he is under a big pine in the chicken area. This is where I put wood ash and sand and the chickens will have their dust baths here. Thomas thinks its his spot for cooling off. He digs down until he reaches cooler ground and then sprawls into it like this. We are heading for some very hot and humid weather and I may have to freeze some water bottles for him. They say that they will lay up beside them to cool down. Rabbits can withstand very cold temperatures but heat can be lethal.


Belated happy half year birthday, Thomas! Looks like he is relaxing and enjoying a lazy day. :-)))


For shame, tln41a. This is not that kind of rabbit!!! And I like mine in Cassolette!!! This one I want to pick up and cuddle with. He's so soft and pretty. And, Edie, he may not associate with Lela. Think of all of the thing Lela would teach him to do with his ears!!!!

MMMMMMMM rabbit w/ cranberrysauce


Oh my! Cuteness factor is way out of the park with this little guy! I had lots of wild bunnies around my apartment back in Colorado, and I would see them stretch out like this. I would never have imagined them doing this!




He's been a good boy since I got him two months ago. Still a bit of a rascal and loves to run up behind the chickens and make them jump out of his way but he hasn't started nipping which is often a problem with mature males. He was born Christmas Day and I got him mid April. I think he picks up radio signals with those ears Lela, he's always aiming them in different directions. Maybe he's trying to contact you.


Doesn't get much cuter than this! Thanks, Edie.


He is sooo adorable!


What a handsome boy !


Was he born on Christmas Day then?


He has beautiful ears.........could be destined for world leadership.......


Adore this, He looks so sweet.


Happy 1/2 birthday, Thomas. You look so tiny there. Thanks, Edie. Are you back from the dentist?