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Nemohl jsem se dockat for Denise

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I could not wait to see where you've been so long


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Thank you Ank and Angel, dogs are clever and this one looks and is happy that he did it and he no longer alone and closed. :-))

Do you think he could get a patent on his newly invented style of doggie door?
My daughter had a Chow who closed up in the garage, by accident, and her puppies were in the house. She got to them in short order. Same solution.


Hi Jana, I know this photo, so I knew it was not Laura, but I like it and special your title.


Jana thanks again, so glad it was not Laura:-)


Hi Grannygoatlady, it was the gog from the internet for you, you had birthdays, so I thought you'd be happy, I would not want him to have a home, keep a nice day :-))


Oh, janazlouky, I've been away from Jigidi for several days and just now saw the BIG DOG puzzle you created for me....He's a beauty, but I don't think my ranch is big enough......


No, it's not Laura, this is the picture with the internet, I really liked it, so I made ??you a puzzle for your joy Denise :-))


Thank Petsmom, it's not my dog??, I found it on the internet, I really liked it, I'm glad you like it too.


wow is this Laura ??? Hope not. He looks so proud of himself. Please tell me it is not Laura!!
If its not I will have a laugh with relief:-)

I've had pets damage my house, but this takes it to a new level. He's so proud of getting in and I bet his owner was upset. Is he your dog, Jana? If so, you had a lot to repair! Aside from that he has a beautiful face.