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The semi-detached-housycopter.....

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130 solves
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Well, no one told me that Uncle Bluebottle had his own profile. Hrmmph.

Katerin2, not only is there lelabugosi, but there is kaleidoboy, mrpogle, sweetlittleoldgranny, hectorius, and who knows how many others. It will be a truly wondrous and exciting waste of your time to meander through life as it is known through the bugosi eyes ...... even the language, though seems to be written in English, can be somewhat fractured, as well, also, in addition .... welcome, and enjoy your ride. It will be bumpy.


Wait for me Bluebottle!........I'm flying....I mean running through the bushes!


Juney.....back-up house on its way....
Kater-at-home-as-well......It will further your education (or not!)...... matter - we have a trampoline.....and inflatable thingys.....


Thank you tiredeyes. Oh my, I am going to be busy for weeks now!!! ; )

Ruh-Roh--looks like the fire escape ladder broke! Could make for a rough landing!


Heh! I thought that was Granny's bedroom

Katerin2--on the left, click on "Find a profile" and type in lelabugosi. You can truly spend DAYS reading the strings of comments--be sure to read from the bottom up, or you'll be lost. Oh, wait...that might not help! :D


I am new to jigidi and would like to check out Bugosi too. Is there a way to search for specific puzzles?


Actually, the fire was caused by Mrs.Bluebottle smoking in is however, speeding things up nicely........we will arrive at our destination 'en tout suite' as they say in Finland......


Ahh, K_2, I see we both had the same thought about the fire and lift....

gabecyr, if you are new to Bugosi land and all it's zany inhabitants and love the "out there" puzzles and comments, you should go back and review the past puzzles of lelabugosi and company....makes for an interesting few hours or days wasted...........


Uncle BB, this marvelous invention of yours appears similiar to hot air balloons...I would think the flames erupting from the upper windows would heat the air and cause it to rise with alacrity and speed with rapidity to the rescue of Lela and company.....


too fun!!! Really looking forward to more 'out there' puzzles from you!


Interesting concept. Does the fire in the top floor help with the lift?


Dear Bugosiites.......My latest invention - the semi-detached-housycopter, is on its way to the Island Of Dr.Romeau.........As you can see, there's been a little over-heating in the upstairs bedroom due to the friction, but downstairs all is well......and we are nice and warm.......
We will be arriving in no time....well, soon anyway.......