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Shapes, textures and colours :)) I

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125 solves
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It's nice to know that you enjoyed yourself, Fileusa, and you are always welcome, thanks for dropping by and leaving this lovely comment.


Very enjoyable to do. Very attractive colours and shapes


Hello Ardy, as I told Kirsten I also like the foliage patterns on the shapes when I made tham and the final image with the many coloured background. My week will be more or less the same, perhaps a bit less intense, at least I managed some short time to answer the comments in the afternoon, as at night I'm usually so tired I don't really know what I'm writing. LOL. With a bit of luck and occasional intense streaks my work should ease up a bit from now to summer. :))) Thanks for your visit and your concern. It's always nice to know that somebody cares. :)))


Hello Kirsten, I liked the outcome of the foliage as well, it blends well with the shapes and the background. I'm experimenting with colours and textures and I'm enjoying it very much as I suppose you do judging from your embossed images of your last puzzle. I loved them. :)))
Thanks for your visit and have a great Tuesday when you read this. :))


Hi Gail, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself but don't get upset about the comments. As much as I love them and as much as I like to chat with people, what would I do if everybody who did my puzzles left a comment and I had to answer them all. I like to answer things personally and it takes a long time to get through all the comments. :)))))
Thanks for your enthusiasm and your lovely comment and it was nice seeing you. :))))


So very lovely, Dagmar. Love the little butterflies in the red and the subtleness of the foliage in the others. I love the way Kirsten put it - PERFECTLY restrained. Thanks, Dagmar. Will this be an easier week than last? I hope it will. I don't have snow here but it is raining today and cold. Think I'll cuddle down here with Jigidi.


This puzzle is gorgeous in the thumbnail, Dagmar, but SO much more beautiful in the solve. The colours and textures are beautiful. And the foliage designs are PERFECTLY restrained. Thanks so much. :)))


Wow. Such a fantastic puzzle, Dagmar, and nobody but me has a comment to make. C'mon people. Look at the effort she's undertaken to create this wonderful puzzle. Please thank the people who make your time here enjoyable.

Thanks, Dagmar! It's glorious.