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NBC/CBS Mergerfly

49 pieces
180 solves
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Thanks so very much, PD. I think the 400 pc loonies tend to get a bit blurry. And then there is the extra time factor. I seem to be getting further and further behind, even tho last weekend was a 3 day one....


Ooops--I made a private version, but at 400, and I just re-read this! So here's the closest I could get to 300:

My bad! :-)))


Okay, whatnauts, I'll see what I can do! LOL!

Thanks, Rosie--I know that they're popular, but whatnauts and her love of swirls is the reason I started making swirls, so to discover that she thinks that the butterflies are almost as good was a surprise! Although, now that I think about it, a lot of the butterflies are really multiple swirls (like this one), so, I guess that makes perfect sense! I'm so glad that you enjoy them, too!


Oh, come on, you have to know by now that we all, at least a lot of us, wait for the new "fly" every day. It's one of the great puzzles of the day and always fun, fun, fun to do. Thank you for continuing to do them for us. And, of course the comments don't hurt--they are always so much fun too.


Wellllllll, I do agree this one is particularly nice and would be perfect in a larger size..... (i.e. twist my rubber arm!!!!).....300ish


I'm relieved to hear that, Lela, although Mr. LeSquirt would never believe you....... But not to worry, he never ever shows up on my puzzles............. I think he's afraid he might catch something......

Wow, I would never have guessed that, whatnauts, seriously. So if you'd rather solve a large butterfly than a large swirl someday, I'd be glad to post the butterflies in 3 sizes instead of any swirls. Just let me know which one you'd like. And this would certainly be one I'd do, because it has way more solves than I anticipated...


I love your butterflies, PD, almost as much as your swirls. In fact, I'd like to solve some of the butterflies with more pieces, but sadly, there's not enough time.


Oh no!...That's one thing I've never done (the worst I've ever done is paint white spots on beetles to study their habits-so I'd recognize them each day.....and that did them no harm)......


Thanks so much, Katie, Ank, Lela, Kate, Mandy, and PJ! I'm glad you liked my title, and that the description helped in the solving! I'm also happy that no one is tired of my butterflies (or at least you're all too polite to tell me!) And I hope the part about "pin down" wasn't meant literally...... LOL!


Wonderful puzzle, fun title and Pat, I really like your colorful 'flies' :-)


Thanks Pat - I have to look up the CBS and NBC logos... :~)


Kate is fine, thanks Pat :-)


A tricky flutterby/peacock/eye/swirl/thingy to 'pin down'.........


Your comment about the top half being happier than the bottom helped me a lot and I made it on the board first try. Thanks


A peacock- eye-butterfly, that's what I see. And it's lovely. Thanks.


A very fine fly indeed! I love the effects of embossing. Thanks Pat!


Yes, the eye and the peacock! As soon as I saw this, that's all I could think of!

Thanks so much, roseheather, Ardy, Barb, KateEE (of course you may! Do you prefer KateEE or Kate?), and Edie (makes perfect sense!)--this is today's swirl, but run through embossing, etc., on LunaPic, so the colors have extra lines/textures. I think it made for a fine fly, although the top half looks happier than the bottom...:-)))


Didn't have a good time but I had a good time. Hope that makes sense. Fun puzzle. Will try for board later. Thanks Pat.


I'm in UK & know nothing of CBS eyes or NBC peacocks. BUT I do know a great puzzle when I see one. Thanks again PD - or may i call you Pat?


Another beauty, Pat, thanks!
Ardy, you'll soon be able to put out a brochure of sightings and illustrations. :-))))


Mergerfly has been noted, dated, and ID'd in pd65 profile. Thanks, Pat. Your flies are really outstanding.


Great title!

Merging the CBS "eye" with the "NBC" peacock. ; )